Vampyre Prophecy

Feeling the need for a reading last night, and hearing the call of the Tarot of Vampyres, I pulled out this lovely deck and book to try to find some peace of mind. (My disquiet had nothing to do with the silly Rapture business over the weekend, as I’m sure most of you will know). So I flipped through the suggested spreads in the book and found one that seemed just playful enough, just enough of a peek into what’s happening I decided it was the one.

It’s called the Prophecy Spread and is designed to give you a glimpse into what’s going on now, and based on that what’s coming at you over the next twelve months. I was tired last night and didn’t want one of those information-overload readings but needed some idea of where things are headed. So a full-on Celtic Cross was out. This reading has you pull twelve cards, but here’s the catch: You only get to turn over six. The other six get put back into the pack without even looking at them.

To do the spread, shuffle and deal out twelve cards in a circle, one card for each month, with the top card being the position for January, then so on around. The first card you turn over is for whatever the current month is. Then you get to pick five more, only five, to turn over one at a time. Here’s what I got.

Current Month – May -Death

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. This is where I am now, what’s driving events and my state of mind. I’m seeing this as leaving one phase of my life, like a snake shedding a skin, and beginning a new life. But what? The only real change that’s occurred lately is stepping up my Tarot studies, and finally getting past my prejudice against incorporating Qabala in the mix. Like many pagans, I resisted studying it for a long time because of the ties to Judaism and monotheism. But I know now it transcends that, it’s beyond and apart from any one religion (although Jewish scholars may disagree). I’ve also never studied astrology, but it’s all coming into play now, and it’s adding depth and complexity (in a good way) to my readings and understandings of the cards. I suppose my new attitude is a death in that sense. So Death is astrologically linked to Scorpio, ruled by Mars. On the Tree of Life it connects Tiphareth (Beauty) with Netzach (Victory). Tiphareth is also the sphere that is linked to the Sun Card, the Sixes, and Pages. Wait, there’s more connection here. When I looked at my Personal Card Portrait according to the system in this book, my Dynasty card is Strength (linked astrologically to the sun in the sky, and Leo in the Zodiac), my Vampyre Clan is Scepters, my Bloodline is the 6 of Scepters, and Vampyre Court is the Page of Scepters. Let’s move on.

The second card I turned over was for August, my birth month.

This is looking good. Ten of Skulls is cognate with the 10 of Pentacles in other decks.

Mercury in Virgo, earthy (Kingdom-Malkuth) part of water. Success and completion, good fortune. Solid foundations. This is balanced, grounded stable, emotions that are based in reality, calm. Like a tribal priestess who keeps the traditions alive, and the memories and veneration of ancestors. There’s achievement and abundance indicated, but not always financial. It could be a wealth of a different kind: Love, happiness, inner abundance. This is the last of the small cards, the journey is complete. Something comes to fruition. The red roses that first appeared on the Ace of Scepters are now in full bloom here, all ten. What was planted has taken root. The book says “the primordial energy of the Everlasting (Aces) made manifest in matter (Tens).” So then what? We start again. One thing ends, apparently very well, and then I’m heading back onto the cosmic treadmill.

Hmm, it’s only a couple of months away. I’m thinking it’s indicating more a fulfilling attitude and inner peace than any kind of material gain, but who knows? Maybe I’ll start playing the lottery, just in case…

Next card was for October, ’cause I love Halloween and that whole time of year.

Prince (Knight) of Knives (Swords). Airy part of Air. It’s all mind over matter. Thinking outside the box, ideas flying in from all directions, fast and furious. Like a whirlwind, this guy’s going to blow into town and cut through all the bs and turn everything upside down. Fresh ideas, but uncontrolled can become a maelstrom. Again, the Princes are ruled by Tiphareth, Beauty. As the union of the Lord (King) and the Queen, they are the product of the union of fire and water. Tiphareth is the center of the Tree of Life, and so our thoughts coalesce here to make sense of everything. Tiphareth further resides in Yetzirah, associated with the element of Air (more air!). Plans can take shape.

Phew, three more cards to go even!

I chose December next: Queen of Knives (Swords) Element of Air, watery part of Air.

Wow this is a lot of air in this spread. Intellect tempered by emotion. But her head rules her heart. She’s all white and wintery looking here. This is a time for truth, without sugar-coating. She’s perceptive, honest, intuitive and forthright, but with an understanding of what is driving the situation. These types make good teachers, counselors, therapists. She could come across as cold and calculating, but she gets her message heard and it’s an important thing to do. There’s no hiding the truth, no running from it. She wants to make sure we’re being honest with ourselves, and those around us are being honest with us as well.

January will bring another Court, the Prince of Skulls. Sweet Brigid. MORE AIR. Princes are the Airy part of the Courts, so he’s the airy part of Earth. Intelligent, analytical, trustworthy and very down-to-earth. Practicality is his watchword. He also has a very sensual side, and enjoys the finer things in life: nice clothing, food, drink, pleasures of the flesh. Romantic by nature, creative, but balanced and stable. There is a need to be practical with ideas.

And finally, for March 2012, The Hermit arrives.

Associated with Virgo (mutable Earth) located on the path connecting Chesed with (wait for it…) Tiphareth. Ruled by Mercury. Located in Yetzirah, which again is associated with Air. ¡Ay, caramba! That Air’s been sneaking in all over the place.

This will be a time for introspection, withdrawing, silent comtemplation. Might be a indicating a need to spend more time in meditation. The Hermit in the card above has just emerged from his time in the Underworld, which seems fitting seeing as how he’s going to roll into town in March to visit me. Just as spring begins, I’ll need to do some soul-searching, probably based on all the ideas that have been floating around since I ran into the Prince of Knives back in October. I’m going to need to put aside distractions and do some interior digging, figure out what’s really important.

I wonder if this whole thing, starting with the Queen of Knives in October is reflective of the upcoming NaNoWriMo in November? All that thought, all those ideas could relate to my writing. Once it’s done, December and January time to revise. Put it aside for February and then in March go back in and do some real editing, getting rid of whatever isn’t needed. Let’s see, start and end with a Major, 3 Courts. Nah, I think it’s bigger than that, but might be good to keep in mind anyway with NaNoWriMo.

And I really did put those other six cards back into the deck and shuffled them in before I was tempted to look at them!

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  1. maryjblog says:

    OK, you know what this is shouting out at my non-Tarot-trained brain? Not a new Nano project, but your finished-but-unedited vampire book. “Death, beginning a new life” could be about beginning the editing process, if you allow it to be. If you start fairly soon, something could surely “come to fruition” by August, but methinks you are going to take the story in (new? deeper? more challenging?) directions and keep working on it into the fall and winter. Even to the casual eye, the Prince of Knives shouts “Andrej!!!” – I mean listen to what you said: “Thinking outside the box, ideas flying in from all directions, fast and furious. Like a whirlwind, this guy’s going to blow into town and cut through all the bs and turn everything upside down. Fresh ideas, but uncontrolled can become a maelstrom” That’s you and Andrej, wrestling to get him outta your head and onto the page. He WANTS to strut his hour upon the stage, but he wants you to bust out with him. Maybe October, your favorite month, is when he is going to come fully to life, in your head and on the page, and December is when you’ll finally whup the thing into shape (head ruling the heart – you’ll find it in you to to make those ruthless cuts that will give the manuscript shape.) Of course, if that’s so, then in early 2012 you might have to trust the thing to an agent or an editor – have the patience and introspection to see what somebody else can do with your project.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    I suppose it could apply to that, I’m just not sure the Death card as the current influences can be stretched to apply to that. The Queen of Knives in December could be an agent (provided I get it together that quickly and get an agent to look at it by then) who gives me some serious feedback on it.

    I dunno, though. I’m still not sure that’s what this is all about. Although it’s not bad to apply to that, if I wanted. Kind of a roadmap for where I should be focusing my energies. I’ve actually been working on it a bit lately, mostly to spend some time with Andrej because I just love him so much 😉 And now that his sidekick/assistant, Anne-Marie, is starting to blossom she’s becoming vastly more interesting.

  3. I agree with Mary’s interpretation. It fits so well. And like you, DD, said, it could be used as a roadmap on where to focus your energies with the novel.

    Goodness. These images are so evocative. I keep staring at the Queen of Knives!

  4. Digital Dame says:

    They are mesmerizing images, aren’t they? I so love this deck. Even Death seems inviting.

    If you have time I think I’m close to a point where I’d like someone to beta maybe the first three chapters of the novel. I think I could use a little feedback on it. Just whenever you have time, clearly I’m in no hurry 😉

  5. I sent you off an email, but just wanted to say again that I’d be more than happy to have a look at it. 🙂

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