What to Make of This?

I was feeling a little low last night, and so turned to my Tarot in the hopes of seeing something that might cheer me up. Well, this is what I got:

I know what I see in this, but I’m afraid I’m only seeing what I want to see. Anyone care to offer an opinion?


10 thoughts on “What to Make of This?

  1. You- Queen of Tarot Readers- are asking us mere mortals for advice? šŸ˜‰

    I’ve been thinking about this. So.. High Priestess. You have the wisdom, serenity and inner knowledge to face whatever you must. Reach deep within yourself. Listen to yourself. Your dreams and intuition. Deep down you know what you want, and what you have to do to achieve it.

    Ten of Cups- happy family times and success. How do you see success? What do you want? What would make you happy?

    King of Swords- creative, intellectual, logical, skilled with words- written and spoken

    I’m seeing this in relation to your novel. You know what you want and what you have to do to accomplish it. Reach inside yourself and use your strengths. Don’t focus on society’s defintion of success- but of what goals and accomplishments will satisfy you.

  2. I’m with you on the HPs. In a nutshell, I read this as that I need to keep doing what I’m doing, exploring in the direction I’ve been going, and I’ll achieve what I’m hoping to achieve, which is the King of Swords. I liked that the HPs and King were facing towards eachother, as well, like they’re looking to meet in the middle.

    But I will say the question I asked had nothing to do with writing šŸ˜‰

  3. The most important part of the analysis, IMO, is Gypsy’s question “How do you see success?” We can’t succeed, any of us, until we decide what that means.

  4. Which leads to only one possible outcome here, if it is addressing the question I asked. It does seem like a very emotional situation, lots of water. I would not have expected to see the King of Swords, though. Maybe I don’t understand what I’m asking as well as I think I do.

  5. Listen, I’m no kind of expert here, but is it possible that the issue isn’t whether you understand what you are asking, so much as the cards are challenging you to understand it in a different, maybe more complex way?

  6. Oh, I just meant maybe they’re saying if I get what I think I want, it’s not going to match my expectations. Which is no surprise really. Can we ever really know ahead of time all the effects of an event?

  7. It’s that whole idea of “be careful what you wish for.” By the time you figure out what question you want to ask, destiny throws you another one. It’s why I try to keep my ambitions flexible.

  8. The question I asked was totally impossible, and I know that (so why did I ask? I’m just that perverse, I guess) but the cards that came up seemed to indicate a really strong possibility of it happening. That’s why I asked for other people’s interps on it. I wanted to know if it was a case of me seeing what I want to see. Which it still probably is.

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