Wizards and Thoth

I am continually drawn to the Wizards Tarot. As I remarked in a previous post on it, it is much deeper and has more to offer than most people will pick up in a quick pass through the Web site or glance at the cards online. I think I noted that my initial reaction when I first heard of the deck was an eyeroll and groan because it seemed like it was a cheap attempt to cash in on the Harry Potter craze. Admittedly there are many similarities but it stops short of being a 1-to-1 match with those books or movies. For all J. K. Rowling did with the concept, she did not invent the idea of a witches academy/magic school so it’s still fair game for anyone to build on. (you can’t copyright ideas anyway) While those books may have been the inspiration for the design of the deck, there’s a lot more going on.

In my last post, I showed three cards from the deck that I’d drawn on a particular question. Well, never satisfied with one quick reading, I did another, again using the Wizards Tarot. This pull was all girls: Queen of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, and Queen of Cups.

Wizards Q of Pentacles Wizards Nine of Pentacles Wizards Queen of Cups

So what’s this telling me? I think I need to get real, spend some time on my own appreciating what I have, and thereby will be more likely to find my heart’s desire. In a nutshell. Oh, this is so not what I wanted to hear. I want miracles, dammit. I want what I want. :::sulk, pout::: This is no fun. I went to the book to try to find something, ANYTHING, that would validate what I wanted to hear. Honestly, the interpretations in the companion book are a little thin and lacking. The deck is based heavily on paganism and has great roots in both Crowley’s Thoth and the Waite-Smith. But wait, you say. The W-S influence is obvious, but Thoth? Oh yes. Check this out. Since I wasn’t finding what I wanted in the book that goes with the deck, I turned once again to Lon Milo DuQuette’s Understanding the Thoth Tarot, and here is what he calls the Queen of Pentacles: “Queen of the Gnomes.” Why I don’t know. I have no idea if that appellation comes from somewhere in Crowley’s writings or not, I suspect it does. Let’s compare and contrast the cards. Above you see the Q of P from the Wizards deck. Here is the Queen of Disks (Pentacles) from Crowley’s Thoth:

Thoth Q of Disks

See any similarities? Of course you do. The Wizards QoP is a gnome, straight up, wearing a crown of antlers, a symbol of her connection to the earth. Crowley’s Queen has the weirdest hat outside the British royal family I have ever seen. I have to admit this is one of the cards that really made me uncomfortable when I first got the Thoth deck. Those horns on her head were just bizarre. But let’s hear what the Master Therion has to say about his Queen:

The Queen of Disks represents the watery part of Earth, the function of that element as Mother. She rules from the 21st degree of Sagittarius to the 20th degree of Capricornus. She represents passivity, usually in its highest aspect.

The Queen of Disks is throned upon the life of vegetation. She contemplates the background, where a calm river winds through a sandy desert to bring to it fertility. Oases are beginning to shew themselves amid the wastes. Before her stands a goat upon a sphere. There is here a reference to the dogma that the Great Work is fertility. Her armor is composed of small scales or coins, and her helmet is adorned with the great spiral horns of the markhor.* In her right hand she bears a sceptre surmounted by a cube, within which is a three-dimensional Hexagram, and in her left arm is curved her proper disk, a sphere of loops and circles interlaced. She thus represents the ambition of matter to take part in the great work of Creation.

Not so scary now. Above the Wizards Queen, we see bare tree branches, another connection with the Earth. Crowley’s Queen is seated beneath luxuriant foliage, long leaves or branches that create an arch above her.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s take a look at the Waite-Smith Queen of Pentacles:

Waite-Smith Q of Pentacles

And what do we find? She’s seated on a throne carved from stone as is the Wizards Queen,  but here with goat heads on the arms instead of standing in front of her as on Crowley’s deck. She’s holding her Pentacle just as the Wizards Queen does, and like the Wizards Queen, she is dressed in a red gown. Lots of fertility here, note the hare at the bottom right. (Pentacles are associated with the season of winter, hence the snowy setting of the Wizards Queen of Pentacles, and the 9 of Pentacles).

So to me, it appears this card at least shows influences of both decks. I will be doing more comparing and contrasting as I go through the decks.  And the more time I spend with the Wizards Tarot, the more I am impressed with it.

So did I find what I hoped to find in the card’s meaning? Not even close. Ah well, it is what it is.

*If you’re wondering what a markhor is, it’s a species of wild goat found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and southern Uzbekistan. Here are some pictures of the beast:

bukharan_markhor Markhor

What a world to have such creatures in it!


8 thoughts on “Wizards and Thoth

  1. I need a herd of them in my backyard to get rid of the blackberries. I understand there are places to rent them, I’m still thinking about trying it. It’s like Mutual of Omaha’s freaking Wild Kingdom back there.

  2. I was merging onto a state highway near here this morning – far from a slum, but a distinctly urban neighborhood near the university. The car in front of me slowed down to almost a dead stop, and just as I was about to curse him out, I saw that he’d stopped to avoid hitting a scared little baby fawn, no bigger than a large dog. The poor thing was so disoriented, and the other driver was clearly at a loss re: what to do. I went around them once the deer was out of the road, then pulled over at the first parking lot and called animal control to give them a heads up. It was a long shot, but I hope the little guy (girl?) reconnected with Mommy, or at least wound up someplace safe. Talk about your misplaced Wild Kingdom!

  3. Awwww, poor little thing! I hope animal control managed to find it and rescue it. If it’s wandering around like that there’s a good chance the mother is dead, probably hit by a car. 😦 If the fawn is otherwise healthy there should be some kind of animal rescue organization that can raise it and release it when it’s ready. At least let us hope!

  4. There’s a park near here with a lame little “zoo” – actually a refuge for orphaned animals like that – and I know they have a bunch of deer living a pretty decent life in a big fenced-off section of the woods. If they manage to catch the little guy, it would probably be the best place for him(her?)

  5. That sounds perfect. If they manage to nab the little scamp (I hope, I hope!) I don’t know if they could even get another doe to foster it. I don’t have any idea if deer will do that (anything’s possible, I suppose) so it will probably have to be bottle-fed and raised by humans.

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