The Pit of Despair…or not


Interesting few cards I pulled yesterday. In one of my ‘blah’ moods again, and needed some direction. Why do all my readings hint at new beginnings and fulfillment when it never seems to happen? But ok, this week is a new beginning of sorts. Old boss, HMFIC, has retired and gone out of my life. This is good. Perhaps it’s telling me to celebrate the little victories, and revel in the moment. So is the Knight of Swords the incoming boss? He doesn’t arrive on-scene for a good month yet. If that’s him, this does not bode well.



8 thoughts on “The Pit of Despair…or not

  1. Oh, I do love this deck.

    Regarding the reading, since I don’t believe the future is set in stone- I take it more that such readings indicate that now is a good time to start new things. But it is up to the individual to seize upon the opportunity…

  2. That’s a good way to look at it. I don’t believe in ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ either. I’m firmly in the ‘free will’ camp.

    I love this deck, too. It’s also faboo that it’s all online at Baba Studios’ site, so I don’t have to spend time scanning in the cards for a post ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s me, the lazy blogger.

  3. I’m actually in between the destiny and free will thing. Well, to better explain- I think some things are meant/should to be. For example, someone grows up always wanting to enter a certain career. That would be the “destiny” that would be the most fullfilling for them. But others discourage them from it. So here is where the free will comes in. They can continue to follow their dream or give in to what society/family expects them to do. Same thing with relationships, etc.

    So in that case, free will trumps. People have the free will to choose which of the many paths in life they take. But they won’t feel happy or fullfilled if they choose the wrong paths pressured to be taken by others, or out of their own fears,
    I think there’s a lot to that saying, “listen to your heart.”

  4. The way I’ve always thought of it is if something is ‘meant’ to be, then it’s ‘destined’ or ‘fated’ like being born royal and finding yourself monarch someday, like it or not. I’m not sure people always know what will make them happy. I’ve seen too many people go into jobs that they felt were their ‘calling’ only to become disillusioned and leave after seeing the reality of them.

    I guess I have a more ‘chaotic’ view of things. I think there are many paths we can take, some better than others, but there is no one right choice for anyone. People change careers all the time, and find many things fulfilling.

  5. “People change careers all the time, and find many things fulfilling.”

    Oh, definitely! Life has many twists and turns. That’s part of what makes it so interesting. I didn’t mean to imply there was only one right way.

  6. I guess the way I look at it is, one path leads to another. Maybe they felt strongly called to that job because they were meant to do it, but not for always. As you pointed out, people change. Wants and desires change. That’s why many people leave certain jobs or end relationships. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those jobs or relationships were wrong. They could have been a very important stage in their lives. But not meant to be forever…

    Maybe I picture destiny/free will as sort of like a maze. Only that, instead of one correct path, there are several correct paths to the end. And each path leading to the end will give someone different experiences. Some will make many errors, some less…Some exciting choices. Some will play it safe…And you can backtrack when you find yourself utterly lost. And oh…hundreds of possibilities throughout life!

  7. Oh sure, one thing can lead to another, better opportunity. That happens all the time, it’s happened to me. It’s how I ended up in this job. There was a unique series of events that lead to my even looking for a new job when this job was posted, so was it ‘destined’ or just random chance? I would have to say in my own life, things like that are rare in the extreme so I don’t know that there’s anything behind it, guiding it. Just for once, things lined up for me (out of the ashes, and all that). Whatever path we take, we all end up in the same place eventually: worm food ๐Ÿ˜‰

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