From Russia, with Angst

Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg DeathRussian Tarot of St. Petersburg King of Coins

Oh for the love of all that’s holy! Enough with the Death stuff already! And what is this? Am I going to need a loan?

Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Nine of Swords

Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Judgment

And the hits just keep on comin’. That 9 of Swords is just screaming PURGATORY! Or do I just love being miserable? And wrapping up with Judgment, how charming.


2 thoughts on “From Russia, with Angst

  1. Well, on the positive side, the style of the cards are captivating.

    Regarding the reading, maybe the purgatory (Nine of Swords) is symbolic of feeling in a static place of being? You’ve been wanting to make some changes in your life for awhile now, right? And you keep getting the Death card which symbolizes death and rebirth. Perhaps the Judgement card is you judging yourself for not doing so?

    Even if you can’t make big changes in your life now, maybe it’s time to simply try new things. Branch out. Experiment. Even tiny things can add more zest and joy to one’s life.

  2. The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg is one of the decks I got in a boxful of cards and books I bought on EBay back in May, this was the first time I’d used the deck. It’s painted in the style of Russian miniatures, like the lacquer boxes that are so prized, but obviously doesn’t have the layerings of paint that style is so famous for.

    Well, static place and purgatory are similar, I think. Feeling trapped, having nightmares, excessive worry. Nine of Swords speaks of mental anguish, excessive worry. I kind of am right now. The house needs a new roof desperately and I don’t know how I’m going to afford it. The decks need to be rebuilt, they’re disintegrating. Again, more money I don’t have. Whole house needs paint. There’s no end to it. And yet I can’t afford to sell, even if the market was good. Too many reasons to stay here rather than dump the place and rent.

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