Snow Angel says “Get a Clue!”

I’ve been drawing a card a day with my new Oracle of Shadows & Light. Last night I asked a question, wanting to know the whereabouts of someone. Here’s who came up:

Snow Angel

The Snow Angel’s message is basically: I’m here, pay attention, I’ve been giving you signs all over the place. Open your eyes already!!

Now this may seem like a strange answer, but to me it makes perfect sense. And I’ll admit I had a very emotional reaction.

From the book:

You have already received very definite, clear signs, ones which you have asked for, over and over again. The Snow Angel will reply again, but it is the message you are refusing to hear – not her presence that is denied you. It is your own fear and attachment to hesitating that keeps you on “pause.” It is time to see what has already been shown to you, and to take action, immediately, without hesitation.

I have often felt the sensation of an unseen hand touching me, on my shoulder,  my cheek, always very gently and if I wasn’t paying attention I’d miss it. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar. It used to happen a lot when I was driving, waiting at a light, maybe because my mind was free to wander and I became aware of it when other things weren’t demanding my attention. It still happens, but if anything it’s become slightly more pronounced, and a lot more often. Riding the bus to work this morning I had a very distinct sensation of someone’s hand on top of mine.

Very few people know this, but I have also suspected I have a ghost in my house. For years odd things have happened, mostly very little things, but some not so little like tapping at the door when no one was there (as if someone rapidly drummed two knuckles against the door). Believe me, I ran and opened it to see who was there and there wasn’t anyone. It was too high up on the door to have been a cat or dog or raccoon, (talking five feet up) and no one could have gotten off that porch fast enough and without making any other noise before I got that door open. For awhile there was so much happening I actually had a ghost-hunting team interested in staking out the house and recording the whole thing for a potential tv show (not an existing show, they were pitching a new show and had some backing). It didn’t happen, but there was enough happening to convince them it would be worthwhile to come over and check it out.

Anyway, I was in bed one night, but awake, and very distinctly heard and felt someone sit down on the edge of the bed next to me. I heard the fabric rustle (I use a sleeping bag as a comforter, the outer shell is made of that nylon that rustles so much when you touch it) and sink down, and felt the depression. Within a minute, it happened a second time, right next to the first spot, as if someone set their hand down to brace themselves with, or a smaller person had sat down. No, the cat was not even in the room, and when she jumps up on the bed, she doesn’t just stop like that, she walks all over. But in any case, she wasn’t in the room and the door was shut. A little while later, I heard a small cough come from the other side of the room. There was no one there. At this point I actually did call out and asked whoever it was to please just go away. I was terrified by this, nothing like this had ever happened in the nearly twenty years I’ve lived in that house. I was not drunk, I was not dreaming, I have no explanation. It has not happened again. Except for the frequent sensation of someone touching me, generally on my arm, like putting a hand on me, things have quieted down.

The touching does not frighten me at all, I rather welcome that. I don’t know who it is, if they want anything (I suspect not) so we continue. I don’t ask this one to leave, I think they just want me to know they’re there. Is it a ghost? A guardian angel? No idea. I don’t find it threatening at all. But after pulling this card I will be looking for anything else that might give me a clue.

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  1. Monica says:

    Ok that is really freaky stuff. And you still live in the house!! If someone I couldn’t see sat at the edge of my bed and started coughing, I’d freeze and have a heart attack. I’m all for omens from the universe and Goddess spirits, but what you describe just freaks me out.

    Hope it’s all serene and peaceful for you from now on! Blessings.

  2. maryjblog says:

    Is the person you’ve been wondering about somebody a little protective of you – someone who’d want you to call him/her “to make sure you got home OK?” As you said, it could just be that you’re in a solitary, reflective state when you drive, but it is an intriguing coincidence.

    Re: the ghost – pay attention if kids come over the house – over & over again I’ve heard that children can seen benign spirits, maybe b/c they don’t rule it out. Of course I, as a child and now, have always been dense as a block of wood! I like to think the spirits can see me, even if I can’t see them;)

    p.s., I’ve gotta know – what do witches hand out to trick-or-treaters??

  3. Digital Dame says:

    LOL Monica! 🙂 It’s all good. Actually I felt (and still feel) really bad about asking whoever it was to go away, ’cause they apparently did. Nothing like that has happened since, so the ‘spirit’ seems terribly considerate and not interested in scaring me to death. I did sort of freeze at the time, not knowing what else was going to happen, but nothing did. It’s almost as if they were trying to work up to more open contact slowly, kind of prepping me little by little. Maybe I’m just not ready and they could tell and so backed off. It really was not at all threatening, when I think about it now, it was all very benign. I wrote up a couple of pages of stuff (dates, times, etc.) for the ghost hunters, and they were really eager to come over, but then they sort of flaked (some kind of reorganization, had to get new equipment) and by the time they got back to me everything had pretty much stopped so we never had them come over.

    I honestly don’t mind this presence being here. After 20 years of being in this house, with nothing bad happening, I don’t believe anything will. I really would like to make contact with this spirit.

  4. Digital Dame says:

    MJ – no, the person I was asking about is actually who I suspect this ‘presence’ is. That’s why I kind of wonder if it’s a ‘guardian angel’ (for lack of a better term), since I so often feel the ‘touches’ when I’m driving, as if they’re trying to let me know they’re with me, keeping me safe on the road. It’s really very comforting when I sense these touches.

    Yes, g-daughter has reported seeing someone, but apparently she is not worried about him either. My son & his family actually experienced more than I have, hearing music coming through the walls in the basement (but that could be sounds carried from a neighbor’s house through the pipes). They’ve heard someone at the back door, scratching like an animal trying to get in but when they look out the window there’s nothing and no one. I can’t decide whether to ward the house more strongly or invite them in.

    Hahaha, I give out good candy on Halloween, but not the full-size bars like the wealthier neighborhoods do! And interestingly, my house and the gay guys across the street are the only ones in the neighborhood who do any decorating. I go kind of nuts with the lights and spider webbing and such, they just put in some orange lights in their walkway lighting. But nobody else does anything! They turn their lights off so no one comes to the door. It’s so disappointing.

  5. maryjblog says:

    We do a sort of autumnish, harvesty display with pumpkins and chrysanthemums, and I’m like you – I usually get some kind of little chocolate bars, and if it’s on a weekend, I’ll get some little bags of pretzels for when the chocolate runs out. When I was younger & broker, I would at least give out name-brand lollipops – tootsie pops or Charms (do they even make those anymore?) or something legit. There’s nothing nastier than cheap candy.

  6. Digital Dame says:

    Plus with all the news coming out about child labor harvesting the cocoa beans, used by all the big chocolate manufacturers, it’s really hard to justify buying chocolate anymore.

    Autumn/harvest displays is what it’s all about, not “Nightmare on Elm St” horror anyway. Yes, spirits of the dead were thought to roam freely that night, which is why we dress up in costumes (to confuse them) and light jack-o-lanterns to scare them off. But it was never about murderous rampages to dismember people. I don’t go in for the gore/horror, but I have my pumpkins and lights, and loads of candles. The whole demonic thing was a much later addition.

  7. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I’ve been wondering about your ghost/and or guardian visitor.

    Maybe you could let them know that you are no longer afraid- and would like to get to know them better? Perhaps that way they would come out of the shadows, so to speak. Or even reveal the truth in your dreams.

  8. Digital Dame says:

    Hi Tasha,

    Believe me, you would have heard about it if anything major had happened! 🙂 I think I actually did try to do that, invite them back, but maybe they know better than I that I’m not ready yet. Hopefully next time I’ll have a little more presence of mind and be able to accept it better.

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