A Late Harvest Spread

Feeling the need to commune with my Wildwood Deck this evening, I found a nifty spread in the book Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor & Phyllis Vega, called the Harvest Spread. I thought it dovetailed nicely with the overall feel of the Wildwood Tarot deck, very earthy and grounded and speaking of seeds and things.

The Guardian6
Two of Vessels


Seven of Bows


Knight of Bows 7
Nine of Vessels


Six of Bows3
Moon on Water


Position 1 – What you want- Moon on Water. I love this card. I could look at it all day. And I really love that the book doesn’t give the traditional meanings of ‘illusions’ and ‘nightmares’ and all the usual negative interpretations. I like to think of the moon as a light in the dark, when all other lights go out. (Where have you heard that before? Galadriel, when she gave the light of Elendil to Frodo). The primal egg is sitting there in the earth’s amniotic fluid, the waters of the subconscious. Inner transformation, initiation, awareness – yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. Seeking, searching, studying. I’ve been thinking how lovely it would be to spend more time with my cards, and do more work on self-growth.

Position 2 – What seeds you need to sow to get what you want – Nine of Vessels (Generosity). Maybe it’s time to give back something? But what? Spend more time reading for other people? That would be a very cool vocation.

Position 3 – What new belief you need in order to promote growth. Six of Bows (Abundance). I’ve always been less than confident in my abilities as a reader, even though I typically get very good feedback from people. But you know how it is, you’re never sure if they’re just being nice. Maybe I need to have more confidence and stop doubting myself.

Position 4 – Who or what helps you – Two of Vessels (Attraction). Hrm. Book says “The beginnings of a possible relationship or friendship and the precursor to an interchange of polaric energies” among other things. The obvious thing would be a new person coming into my life who would help me on this path. That would be good. I haven’t had anyone in my daily life that would fit that description in a long time.

Position 5 – What challenges you face – Seven of Bows (Clearance). Make decisions and choose priorities. Time to do some clearing out, if I’m going to have room for the new. Well, seems like a good time of year for it.

Position 6 – What you harvest – The Guardian. :::raising eyebrow::: My word. The book talks about facing inner demons and suppressed fears, facing a challenge that could be life-altering, an inner realignment or outer physical change that could be hard to deal with. Blargh. Challenge – or opportunity.

Position 7 – The key to the big picture – Knight of Bows. Cute li’l devil, ain’t he? “Your life may change or enter a different path at any moment.” (in my head that line is being SHOUTED at me)

And I had a nightmare last night that my entire department at work was let go. Oh Monday, I thought I dreaded you before…

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  1. Thank you for posting this spread. I’m interested in trying it with the Bohemian Gothic Deck.

    Sounds like card 6 is the biggie here. I’m thinking if you can face whatever inner fear is holding you back, then the path will become clearer, and you’ll be able to make some positive changes. (I know you’ve felt in a rut for awhile)

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