Energy Shift

Autumn is My Last Chance Poe2 Eclipse Mermaid

Last night’s reading. Again, I just can’t get the colors to scan in properly. They really are much more vibrant than they look on-screen. I think it’s partly because they’re glossy and reflective, and even though the scanner has a setting for “Reflective” it doesn’t quite seem to compensate enough. There are no obvious greenish tones on Autumn’s dress, it’s pretty solid brown, and the streaks in Poe’s hair are decidedly purple, not blue. Oh well. Anyhoo…

So Autumn is my last chance. I always hate to see autumn end. Hanging onto that final apple for emergencies, but the best thing to do is plant the seeds for the future. Apples are a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and life. If you slice an apple horizontally you see the pentacle, the mystery. Time to stop waiting for others to do what I have to do for myself. Hmm. Ok. But what?

Poe tells me to embrace new technology, maybe new methods of doing things. Don’t forget the past and what I’ve learned there, but look to the future as well. “Choose one area to work with technology, and see how it can be put to sacred purpose in your own life.” Only thing that springs to mind here is maybe think of doing paid readings over the internet. I’ve kicked this idea around a lot, maybe it’s time to consider it more seriously.

Eclipse Mermaid is floating on the waves, calm and controlled, despite the roiling seas around her. There’s a huge energy shift happening, and she seems to be soaking it in, just riding the waves, completely at peace with it. Revelations, scandals, truths coming out. Time to step out on my own path, embrace the shift in energy the eclipse has brought. All this change-change-change, maybe that’s why I’ve been so unsettled and unsatisfied. My readings keep talking about major changes in my life, energy shifts. Work is weird, and I did reach out to a company I’d like to work for the other day, but they don’t have any openings that would be appropriate for me (all contract positions, nothing permanent. I can’t do temp stuff for a few months and then be out of work again). What am I missing here? What’s happening that I’m not paying attention to?


7 thoughts on “Energy Shift

  1. I adore those cards.

    Regarding the other company, perhaps they will keep you in mind if a permanent position opens? I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Also wishing you success with the tarot readings if you go for it. What do your instincts tell you?

  2. I really love them, too. They’re so much nicer than they look on here.

    I hope so, it would be an awesome place to work. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. We follow eachother on Twitter, I thought that was very cool of them to follow me back.

    Re: the tarot readings, I’d kind of like to give it a whirl. It’s a dicey thing to try as a business, but even a few dollars coming in now and then would be good.

  3. I’m no expert at reading the cards, but based on what I know about you, I don’t think you’re “missing” anything – All this energy is about potential: the change is right around the corner, but the elements have not yet aligned yer so there’s nothing to miss – quite yet. It’s like waiting for a kettle to boil – you can hear it rumbling around in there, but nothing you or I or universe does can make the molecules move any faster. The seeds will sprout when they are ready (I know, I’m mixing metaphors all over the place!) and your job is to be ready to step up and meet your destiny when the opportunity becomes apparent.

    • MaryJ,

      I love what you wrote here: “and your job is to be ready to step up and meet your destiny when the opportunity becomes apparent.” What a beautiful way to put it.

  4. That’s kind of what I was thinking, that change is coming, but too often we see some opportunity and maybe pass it up because it doesn’t fit in well with what we already have going on. One of the things I got from the cards was that the change is coming, ready or not, and it may be messy and inconvenient, but it’s coming. I just want to be able to recognize it for what it is when it happens.

  5. Thanks, Gypsy! That’s sorta the motto I live by – I’ve seen so many peoples’ lives change for the better because they had the stones to step up to meet their destinies. I’ve never believed in JUST destiny or JUST free will – I think one only clicks if you exercise the other.

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