Three Fallen Angels

I wonder if they mind being referred to as “fallen.” What do you suppose the protocol is in the angelic realm for politely referring to dissenters? Hmm.


Here are three that I pulled this evening. Andromalius (element: Water; Planet: Mars) sounds like he’d be a good candidate as a Justice card. He apparently takes a dim view of thievery, and will cause thieves to be caught. If your own conscience is clear, the book says, beware of theft. If not, beware of exposure. Well, I think I’ll double-check the locks on the door…

Vapula (element: Water; Planet: Venus) says to take control of your life by learning from the masters in  your profession. Um… coupled with the next card, I wonder if they’re nudging me in a new direction, career-wise?

Barbatos (element: Air; Planet: Venus) says to take time to escape modern life, and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. Also, according to the book, she appears in dreams and visions as a beautiful archer on horseback. She can understand all the animals, birds, and even trees and plants. Definitely a Mother Nature type.

I’m finding it puzzling to integrate Andromalius in this reading. There could be two separate messages here, maybe they don’t all  round up to one. I will have to consult my other books on demons and fallen angels for additional insight.


4 thoughts on “Three Fallen Angels

  1. Yeah. I was thinking that there’s probably two different messages being conveyed. Be extra careful regarding your things, DD!

    How did you like reading with these cards?

  2. I liked them very much. Of course I still have a great deal to learn about the various angels, which of course will add to the readings I do with them. I kind of like the idea of a being or individual intelligence behind each card, someone to go to. It feels more like a conversation.

  3. I like how you described it as being like a conversation. Do you have any plans on meditating on some of the cards? I’d be very interested in the results if you did.

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