Stuck on repeat

Three cards I pulled a few nights ago:


There’s Barbatos again. For a brand new deck that I’ve barely worked with, it seems to be trying pretty hard to get a message across. If we recall, Barbatos has a knowledge of all languages, including birds and animals and all manner of things. Barbatos is said to appear in dreams. So many odd dreams last night. Missing a bus, trying to get on another. Something about someone stuck in a house and trying to get them out. Someone, can’t recall who, I was trying to get away from or avoid. When will I learn to write this stuff down when I CAN recall it? Dear Barbatos, can you come back and visit my dreams again? Love, Me. (Since initially writing this, I have been having incredibly vivid dreams, which of course I STILL haven’t learned to write down…)

This reading seems pretty straight-forward. Some kind of upheaval or change coming that will leave me with a choice to make. Raum appears as a crow. Formerly of the Order of Thrones in the angelic heirarchy. Now he seems to be an anarchist. His element is Earth, associated with Mars. “Bloody revolution threatens. Choose the side you support with care.” The book speaks of him taking down ‘proud rulers and empires’ but not just out of malice. I’m thinking this is more along the lines of removing despots and tyrants. Ugh, I wonder if this portends another shake-up at work? You wouldn’t believe how many re-organizations we’ve had. Used to be every six months they’d shuffle all the managers around.

Gusion – According to the companion book, Element is Water, associated with the planet Venus. Crunch-time, major decision leading to a fork in the road of your life. If he shows up in a reading means it’s time to take decisive action. He has the power of clairvoyance, and can see past, present, and future. He inspires those in doubt, reconciles enemies, and distributes rewards and honors to those who have earned them. He is not listed in Davidson’s “A Dictionary of Angels” but both Waite and Bellanger have a fair amount to say. Waite says he appears as a ‘cynocephalus’ (dogheaded), whereas Bellanger calls him a Xenophilus, or Zenophilus (the name is also spelled “Gusoin” in her book), but nobody seems to know what that is. Scott’s “Discoverie of Witchcraft” is apparently the source for this. I am unsure where Waite got ‘cenocephalus’ but it seems to be more logical as a descriptor.

Why can’t I just leave well enough alone and go with what the CB says? I think it diminishes them, trivializes them. If you’re looking to fallen angels to begin with, like me you probably have an appreciation for the darker side of things, for not going with the status quo and marching in step with the Powers-That-Be. Don’t try to turn them into fairy guides. Take them as they are. Maybe Waite and Wierus and Dee have them all wrong, maybe not, but I certainly don’t believe they are the hideous imps from Hell that pop culture paints them as. The old stories about them (Book of Enoch, etc.) tell us they were (are) powerful beings, massively intelligent but much given to helping humans by teaching them arts, sciences, languages, herbs, and yes, warfare. Can they be reduced to cards in a deck? No. But it can be a good jumping off point to learn more.


2 thoughts on “Stuck on repeat

  1. Interesting read. Hope everything is okay at work. *fingers crossed for you*

    Regarding dreams, I keep my journal and pen right underneath my pillow. Once you get into the habit of recording dreams, they do become more lucid and easier to recall.

  2. I keep a journal next to the bed, all I have to do is reach down and grab it, and turn on the light so I can see where to write! I think it’s the turning-on-the-light part that gets me more than anything. With my history of insomnia, I’ve trained myself not to turn on lights at night if I don’t have to to prevent any further disruption of my sleep patterns.

    No big bombshells at work yet… but at my company you never know from one day to the next.

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