Card for the Day – Bael


I’ve been trying to pull a card a day with this deck, but haven’t been successful lately. Finally got to it today, and appropriately I pulled the first card in the deck, Bael. The keyword of secrecy makes me a bit anxious. Secrecy implies something’s going on that needs to be hushed up. I’m not sitting on any good news, so it seems to point to something undesirable. The mausoleum in the background makes me think of that old saying, “silent as the grave.”

The book says he is the most powerful of the fallen angels in this pack. His totem animals are the toad and the cat, classic witches’ familiars. If Bael likes you he can grant invisibility, so you can go about your business in secret. I always wanted a cloak of invisibility. “This is a time for acting discreetly and sacrificing recognition for long-term ambitions.” Hrm. Ok. I guess I shouldn’t talk about what I’m working on. Or at least not in certain quarters.


2 thoughts on “Card for the Day – Bael

  1. You know how I’ve always been pretty tight-lipped about my personal life while online. Lately I’ve been loosening up a little bit, maybe this is saying now’s not the time.

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