Yet Again

ViktorEverytime I use that phrase, I think of Viktor in “Underworld” who tells Selene, “I did what was necessary to protect the species, as I am forced to do yet again.” I loved Bill Nighy as the ancient vampire clan patriarch (or one of them, anyway).

Protect me, Viktor.

So today’s card has a repeated theme from the last one:


The theme of discretion, and secretiveness continues with Sabnock (also known as Salmac, Saburac). Element: Air; planetary association: The Moon. The message is to sit back and wait for things to play out. With all the weirdness at work, I’ve been going into Panic Mode Alpha, combing job sites and trying to come up with a contingency plan should the worst happen. The job market is grim, to say the least.

Waite’s Book of Ceremonial Magick calls him Sabnack:

XLII. SABNACK, a mighty marquis, appears in the form of an armed soldier, having a lion’s head and riding on a pale-coloured horse. He builds towers, camps and cities, fortifies the same, torments men with wounds and putrid sores swarming with worms; he also gives good familiars.

The companion book for the deck paints a more inviting picture of him, saying his totem is a lion, and he appears in the form of a warrior with a ‘radiant head,’ calling him a ‘valuable ally in times of trouble.’ He protects soldiers and their camps. Ok, now’s the time, Sabnack, could use some shoring up of defenses here.

Interesting that with all my focus on the Celts and Roman legionaries lately I should pull a card with a Celtic cross on it, for a fallen angel who likes soldiers. Protect me, Sabnack.


4 thoughts on “Yet Again

  1. It is interesting, yet not too surprising that you should draw him. It does seem that once you are thinking of something, suddenly it is everywhere.

    Continued good wishes to you that everything turns out okay at work.

  2. Its even more interesting that you don’t know sabnack aka sabnock aka saburac is a girl and her element is water

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