Need a Tarot Reading?

I have decided to start offering Tarot readings online. If you’re interested in getting a reading, please check my Get a Tarot Reading page for rates and options. If you don’t see a reading that you’re interested in, email me and we can discuss other options. I’ve been reading for a long time, and I take the Tarot very seriously. I will NEVER tell you you have a curse and you need to pay me X-amount of money to lift it. If you ever talk to a “reader” who does that, get up and walk out. Immediately.

The Tarot has been almost a lifelong companion for me (I got my first deck when I was 11, and trust me, that was a long time ago). I say this only so you know I’m not some kid who just got a deck last week and is eagerly awaiting predicting death for someone. I won’t ever predict a death. This is not ‘ooky-spooky’, this is to help clarify things, or show you other options. Many times people already know what they need to do, but having it confirmed by the Tarot can be freeing. You can lose the doubt and move forward.

Anna K Tarot - The Star


5 thoughts on “Need a Tarot Reading?

  1. (um, posted too soon on the last one :))

    That’s such a big step and it will no doubt improve your reading skills at a greatly accelerated rate. Hope you have a LOT of fun doing this!

  2. Thanks 🙂 So far I’m not getting a lot of takers, so I don’t know how accelerated the skills increase will be. I kinda suck at marketing myself. I sure would like to go full-time at it, though, and not have to take another crappy office job. Oh yeah, while you were away I got laid off, early last month. That’s what finally convinced me to take this step.

  3. OH SHIT. I thought I caught a reference to something like that, but couldn’t find anything more to confirm and thought I was misreading 😦 Wow. That Tower sure does get around… If it’s at all possible/feasible (and maybe even if it isn’t?) I say go find your Eagle.

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