Cé tú féin?

That’s Irish for ‘Who are you?’ Or at least it’s the phrase used by the Seal Prince in the movie The Eagle when he finds Esca and Marcus beating the crap out of eachother in the Highlands. I read somewhere they were speaking old Irish, rather than a modern form of Gaelic, but I don’t know if that’s true since I don’t speak any form of Gaelic, old or modern.

Following in the footsteps of Submerina, I decided to ask this omnipresent personality, who I take to be my daimon, to explain himself. This is who I think is leading me around from one obsession to the next, pointing me backwards in time to my roots, or towards something I’m supposed to find, or do, or be, or do-be-do-be-do. I lay all the blame on him for my inability to take an interest in much of anything else. Before this sounds like something creepy and weird like demonic possession (although, maybe it is, now that I think about it) I would like to add that I have always gotten a feeling of good humor behind it all. Sure, you’re thinking, it’s all fun and games until someone’s head spins around and they spit up pea soup. Well, so far so good.

So anyway, last night I decided to play with fire and busted out Uncle Al’s deck. I asked the question and pulled one card. And what did I pull? Hrm.


Kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Yeaaaahhh.

Not one to be content with whatever I answer I get, I repeated this exercise this morning, hoping for more insight, perhaps another aspect of his character. Instead of the Thoth deck though I used the Touchstone Tarot, which I don’t use nearly often enough. Very different perspective this morning.

Touchstone Chariot

Ok, I can roll with this (hahaha, pardon the pun). So we go from our very foundations being blasted, to a sense of control, and victory. Our lovely lady charioteer seems quite self-possessed. Wait, remember there’s that marvelous deleted scene from “The Eagle” in which Marcus races the village chariot maker? ANOTHER TIE-IN??? Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, famously lead her people in a revolt against the occupying Romans in Britain after her husband was murdered, driving her chariot into battle. I’m starting to think Sir Daimon is not telling me who he is, but telling me about me. This is so typical of him. He’s not much given to straight answers. Now I have no illusions that I was once Boudicca in a past life, but it may have involved Celts and chariots, which seems logical considering my level of obsession with The Eagle. The Celts had fantastic chariots, both two-wheeled, and four-wheeled.

Chariot race3

I think I will continue on with this practice, and see where it leads. But by the gods, he’s going to get around to answering the question. Think I can wear him down out of sheer cussedness?


7 thoughts on “Cé tú féin?

  1. Uh-oh, I have to try this one soon. I have not actually fully explored my daimon, or spirit guides, or higher guide – even though I know they’re there. Or here 😉

    I think in both the above cards there is a dove in the sky?

  2. Hi Monica,

    You’re right, there is. I hadn’t looked for similarities between the cards, I’ll have to give that some thought. Also, 16 (Tower) reduces down to 7, the number of The Chariot. Hmm.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post so much. I can see the “chariot” in you.

    And for the record, I think if your head did spin around and you spewed out pea soup… you’d have one hell of something to write about. 😉

  4. There’s also a tower to the left of the Chariot card and she’s riding in a lion chariot – the bottom of the Tower features a (fire) roaring “lion” (or other such beast). Have fun with that 😉

    Sometimes it feels like possession, but in all the right ways. It’s a two-way possession; we are equally possessed (in many senses of the word).

    Seeing as you’ve been working with the angel decks, maybe you’d be interested in some not-so-light ceremonial magically-inclined reading on the Natal Guardian Angel/Genius (ie. daimon):

    http://quaerolux.com/?page_id=234 (name generator)

    As far as wearing him out? They seem to loooove a good challenge… Do-be-do-be-do 😀

  5. HRck. Damn, you’re good 😉 It’s like I’m swirling around a whirlpool.

    Thanks for those links, definitely interested! I’ll go through them all.

    Hahaha! I’m noticing that about him. 😀 He’s having WAAAAAAYYYY too much fun with all this. I”m not complaining, really, it’s all great fun for me, too. He definitely has a playful aura around all this, a more recent aspect that I’m sensing. I never felt this level of “jokester” before.

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