Loki/Coyote/Mr. Trickster

He is officially having WAAAAAY too much fun at my expense now.

Two nights ago, I posed the same question, “Who are you?” Here’s what I got:

Do tell. Nine of Swords often indicates sleeplessness. Is he trying to take credit for my chronic insomnia? Yes he’s very cruel to tease me like this.

So I threw him what I hoped was a curve ball and last night asked, “What do I need to know?”

This is good, I like this. My ship’s going to come in, and not a moment too soon, I might add.

Thinking perhaps he was more in a mood to play this little game, tonight I went back to trying to wheedle some info about himself out of him. I asked him to tell me one more aspect of himself. And what do we find?

I am so not kidding. Are both our ships coming in, or are we on the same ship, or is he on the ship coming at me? I swear I can almost hear him laughing. My ears are burning.


7 thoughts on “Loki/Coyote/Mr. Trickster

  1. Aaah, you’re at the “rockstar boyfriend” phase, where he’s all sexy and mysterious and ohmygod can’t you just give me a straight answer already??? 😀 I had instantly better results once I dropped the Thoth-style decks.

    I wouldn’t kick that 3 of Wands out of my head for farting, if you know what I mean *nudge nudge wink wink*

  2. ROFL!! Yeah, if he puts his shades on I’m a goner. There has been a very pronounced shift in his presence/aura/mind control. I’d say his efforts to keep my attention are working well. Very well, indeed.

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