Stuck on Repeat – redux

Last night I was feeling drawn to my Fallen Angel Oracle again, so I pulled it out and started shuffling, intending to pull a single card. As I was mixing them hand-over-hand, one popped out very decidedly. Normally I would just put it back in and keep shuffling until I felt ‘done’ but lately I’ve started paying attention to the ones that pop out like that. I never used to, but so many people have mentioned that they do that I’ve started doing it myself, just to see. So, who popped out, unwilling to wait his/her turn?

Back on January 12, I got the same card two days in a row. I’ve only used this deck a handful of times, yet the same ones keep coming up when I do use it. In reading about Astaroth again last night, I did notice something I missed earlier. There are two angels listed in Davdison’s A Dictionary of Angels with very similar names, Astaroth, also spelled Asteroth:

once a seraph, Astaroth is now, according to Waite, The Lemegeton, a great duke in the infernal regions.

Further, Waite gives this description:

Astaroth, a great and powerful duke, appears like a beautiful angel riding on an infernal dragon, and carrying a viper in his right hand.

By contrast, Belanger says “when he appears he takes the shape of an obscene and loathsome angel.”

Then there’s Ashteroth (Ashtoreth) who is associated with Astarte. Based on this, maybe I was the one confused, I think Suckling got it right that this Astaroth is not the same as Ashteroth (Astarte). Belanger conflates all of them as one and the same in The Dictionary of Demons. I still don’t know how Nigel Suckling gets the interpretation of ‘misfortune.’ Although, the last time I pulled this card was just about a month before I lost my job. Hmm. What new calamity is set to befall me?

The book actually says that this is a time for ‘retrenchment’, nothing you try seems to work. Well, yeah, my job search is fruitless so far. I can’t wait to try though, I have to keep sending out resumes because now we have to report our job searches every week to the Employment Dept. Great, I can apply to jobs I’m not qualified for, because there’s nothing left, I’ve applied to everything I AM qualified for. It’s a frustrating situation.

Maybe I should just summon him and see for myself.


2 thoughts on “Stuck on Repeat – redux

  1. They definitely sound like two different entities.

    I also pay special attention to fallen cards. I have ever since I saw some old film where the fortune teller noticed a card on the floor as her client was leaving. Her reasoning that such cards had particular meaning, made sense to me. Of course, she also freaked out because it was the Death card. heh. How many films ever get that one correct?

    Good wishes on your job search!

  2. Thanks Tasha! I’m actually prepping another post with further thoughts on all this.

    I don’t know that I’d give much credence to what a movie character advises 😉 But I have talked with a number of readers who do take notice of such cards, so maybe that movie you saw was scripted by someone who knew something about cards, or knew someone who did.

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