Valac – Resolution


Finally a change. Valac: Resolution. Not quite sure why this one indicates resolution. Nigel Suckling says in the accompanying booklet that Valac appears as a little girl, whereas Waite says:

Valac, a great president, comes as a little boy with the wings of an angel, riding on a two-headed dragon. He gives true answers concerning hidden treasures, tells where serpents may be seen, and will deliver them helpless to the exorcist.

Belanger’s Dictionary of Demons says he has a strange power over serpents. Sounds like Voldemort. Suckling states that these ‘serpents’ are some kind of hidden truth or wisdom that will harm you if ignored, but if brought to light can be of benefit. He also says the hidden treasure may not be literal, but suggests that these are internal truths. Valac’s element is Fire, and he/she is associated with Mercury. Mercury of course was the messenger of the gods. This seems more promising than the message of misfortune from Astaroth. I’m not convinced Astaroth was trying to tell me about misfortune, though.

And, since I started this little post, I have unexpectedly gotten called for a job interview. I didn’t expect to hear from this employer at all, so I’m pleased as punch to have gotten an interview. Especially since I haven’t gotten any callbacks on my resume in two months. Let’s hope this is a good omen.


11 thoughts on “Valac – Resolution

  1. That was very interesting. You must an extensive library. I used to have one too, but about 15 years ago, I had to do without….a whole 3500 books. You might say it was my Library of Alexandria.

    It’s great to hear that you have an interview! I truly hope all the best for you! 😀

  2. Thanks, Jeff 🙂 Actually, I don’t have that many books. I have 4 that I typically use for this deck. I can’t even imagine having 3500 books!! Where did you keep them all? I honestly don’t even know how many I have but I’m sure it’s nowhere near that many. I’d fall over if I was anywhere near 1000 even 😉

  3. The apartment I was living in at the time was a two bedroom. The smaller of the two I used as an library/office for my writing. I didn’t do as much writing as I should have…too busy reading. 🙂

  4. Yikes!! I guess one of these days I should catalog my books. If nothing else hopefully it’ll keep me from buying duplicates when I forget if I’ve already got something!

  5. I had something sensible to say, then I read “3500 books” and all sense flew out the window *ohgodsohgodsohgods*

    Oh yes – hoorah and good luck!! Can you find yourself a little lion charm?

  6. Ahahaha, I had sort of the same reaction to the books 😯

    Thanks! I may have something, interestingly enough. I bought myself a lion head pendant for my birthday a few years ago (being a Leo). I can either wear it or just bring it. I’m glad you suggested that, I wouldn’t have thought of it!

  7. 🙂 It’s pronounced like “toy” with a hard “t”. No one seems to know for certain where it comes from, but one guess is that it symbolizes the sound you make when spitting. (spitting for luck and all that)

    3500 books? Oh, so cool. I want a real home library one day!

  8. Congrats on the job interview! They can be a bit nerve-wrecking, but being a Leo, you’ll shine through 😉 All the best!

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