My latest pull. Amdusias (also spelled Amduscias or Amducias) appears as a unicorn. On that all my sources agree. Suckling says he will assume the shape of a glorious angel, accompanied by music and that he favors trees and forests like his totem animal, and can make the trees bend down.

The Message is “celebration is indicated, and the coming together of friends for a common purpose.” He is associated with the element Air, and the planet Venus.

Waite and Belanger agree on the unicorn and that he causes unseen instruments to play. Waite further says he gives good familiars. Maybe this is what Suckling is interpreting as friends coming together.

Anyway, when I pulled this, I got the sense of a culmination of things moving in a very positive direction for me. I don’t know, but I hope, this is related to the interview on Monday. If so, it sure looks good. I actually pulled this card a couple of days ago but am just now getting around to posting it. These fallen angels sure are an interesting bunch.


2 thoughts on “Amdusias

  1. Well, since my element for Libra is Air. May I offer it to you? Then having your sails at full mast, I hope it takes you where you wish to go. 😀

  2. Thanks Jeff 🙂 I’d invite everyone over for a barbecue (celebration) if you were in driving distance! I’ve been clearing the blackberries out of the backyard this spring so there’d be room for lawn games like croquet or badminton. Honestly, it’s almost useable now 😉

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