Pre-Interview SOS



Last night, feeling the need for guidance and wanting to know the outcome of the interview I had scheduled for today, I felt the call of the vampyr and so brought out my beloved Tarot of Vampyres for their excellent advice.

fool - nine of scepters - star

And how much more a propos can they be? There I am, the Fool, just arising from the crypt for the first time, reborn into new life. I’m heading out, unaware of what’s in store for me, but confident in the presence of higher beings guiding my steps. He’s the Trump of Air, connects Kether and Chokmah. His kindred spirit is none other than the Spirit of the Everlasting, the godhead, the divine. I am free, I have no limitations, this is a new beginning with great potential.

When the Fool appears we must realize our unlimited potential in the situation and engage with the spontaneity of the moment. He represents complete faith that life is good and worthy of our confidence. While he may be thought of as too innocent, his innocence sustains him and brings him boundless, vibrant joy.

I’ll take that.

Nine of Scepters is Moon in Sagittarius; Foundation (Yesod) of Fire. Kindred Spirits: Yerathel: Saahiah

This is all about inner strength, the strength of being flexible and able to adapt in any situation.

The Nine of Scepters characterizes a self-realization which dissolves inner feelings of dread or weakness and floods us with an inner strength, like the flow of blood spreading into every empty channel, invigorating us with vital energy.

Her scepter is glowing with lunar energy, infusing the vampire with creative inspiration. The card also warns that this is a time to be flexible, and draw on previous experience to get through. Stay the course, and success is mine. There’s so much energy being channeled, blending masculine and feminine energy, the Will joined with the unconscious, the mysteries of the Moon.

The Star. Yes! Zodiacal Trump of Aquarius (more Air). Kindred Spirits: The Dweller Between the Waters; Nuith; Isis. Isn’t she lovely? I’m just going to quote the book here, this is too awesome. The Star is always a card of hope and inspiration.

We are granted a wish whenever this card appears in a reading, which we should state clearly and gracefully, with feelings of expectation and joy. New promise and happiness will emerge, new and fulfilling relationships…In our practical lives, we discover hidden paths towards our dreams, renewal of hopes, and the realization of wishes.

Sounds pretty damn promising to me. The interview went well, I think, who can ever tell, really? I suppose if I was just going to be shown the door at the end the woman I talked with today would not have called over the office manager to say hello to me again before I left, and then we all stood around chatting and talking about bs like the weather and parking. I have a good feeling about this, I have since the first call. It’ll be interesting to see if my feelings are right on this one, like they were on my last job. (I knew I was getting that job from the very first phone conversation with the recruiter. I knew it with every fiber of my being. I’m not that confident this time, but I do feel pretty good about it).

I love you, my vampyres *MWAH*

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  1. jmgershom says:

    That sounds promising D.D.. I wish you all the best. Here’s my humble attempt at haiku for you. 🙂

    Nervous tension leaves
    Guides from distant Realms help you
    New faces, new dawn

  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Thanks for the haiku, that’s perfect! 🙂

  3. submerina says:

    *happy dance happy dance happy dance* 😀 Congratumalations, D.D.!!

  4. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Thank you! It’s such a relief to know I have a job again in not very many days, and a good job at that. 😀

  5. Am SO happy for you! Yeah, D.D.! 🙂

    and as an aside- that tarot is absolutely gorgeous. There are some decks (like the Bohemian Gothic) that I really wish they would sell full-size art prints of individual cards.

  6. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Thanks, Tasha! 🙂 Yes it is a gorgeous deck. My initial review of it way back when I first got it a couple years ago (over on the Filling Spaces blog before I started this one) I called it the Tarot of Vampyres of Melrose Place because all the vamps are so incredibly gorgeous 😉 I don’t think Karen and Alex have any plans to publish prints of the BG deck, sadly. They were doing some prints for awhile of other stuff, but think they gave it up. I know what you mean, though. I have a number of decks I would like to have movie poster-sized! 🙂

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