Name Change

Hello! And thanks for coming by. If you were a Dangling Pentacles reader before and are wondering about the name change, allow me to explain. (I feel like I should have tea and biscuits for people while they’re here).

Originally when I set up the Dangling Pentacles blog about a year ago, I sprang for the $25 package that gave me a unique URL of rather than going for the free WordPress version, which would have made it I know, kinda silly, but seemed cheap enough for a unique domain name for  a year. Then this year, after being laid off, the renewal period came up and I decided it was on expense I had to let go. For some reason, I had thought the domain would simply revert to the free name with the ‘wordpress’ added into the URL.

Clearly, I was mistaken. That’s not how it works.

I let the renewal period lapse, and for about a month the site continued to function. Until about three or four days ago when they pulled it. So I went to try to renew, now that I’m working again I thought I could cough up the $25 annual fee.

But oh no, that’s not how it works.

The domain has gone into ‘redemption’ now, and to reinstate it would cost me $106. Like that’s gonna happen. For a site that doesn’t even allow flash content, advertising or ads, I’ll pass. With a slight modification to the name, the blog has been reborn. I exported the content from the original blog and it seems to have imported just fine.

Et Voila! We’re back.


4 thoughts on “Name Change

    • Ahaha! Brilliant 😀 I guess they bank on people getting attached to their blog names. Since it’s not a money-making site, it was no big deal for me. And people seem to be finding it, I’ve had a fair number of hits today so that’s good. 🙂

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