NAOS Deck Sinister Tarot 2011

Here’s one of my recent acquisitions and this deck is not for the faint of heart. It may not surprise some of you who’ve been following the blog and my interest in fallen angels and demons, but some of you may be fearing for my immortal soul with this (if you weren’t already). This deck was produced by the Black Glyph Society, Australia, in association with the Temple of THEM, the Australian Nexion Order of Nine Angles, U.K. (The Order of Nine Angles is a Satanic group) The package includes the deck, book (it’s a large 8 1/2x 11 size), and the deck arrives wrapped in a piece of black crushed velvet inside a purple satin drawstring bag. The cards are quite large, roughly 6”x4”, on standard Tarot card stock.

The deck consists of 69 cards: Atus 1 –21, there is no World card. The minors consist of 11 cards in each suit – the four courts, the ‘Gate’ and six others numbered 2 through 7. The book contains many tables of correspondences, pathworking rituals, interpretations for the cards and explanations of the glyphs seen on the bottom borders. A lot of the material seems to be taken directly from the ONA training materials.  The artwork is crude, but part of the process of studying the sinister path is to create one’s own deck, and this is the deck created by Ryan Anschauung. This is not the Christos Beest (Richard Moult) deck, which seems more refined, although I don’t own that one, as it’s currently selling for anywhere between $425 and $1400 on Ebay.

Here are a few of the cards, and under them is a 5-minute video from the seller I bought the deck from:

Four of Pentacles




Two of Pentacles



inside book

As you can see, some of the cards bear some resemblance to the Waite-Smith imagery, but some are completely unique.

The deck just arrived yesterday so I haven’t had time to attempt any pathworkings or do any readings yet. I bought it on Ebay, directly from Darryl Garrick of Garrick Books. If you’re interested in it, you can check the UK version of Amazon, or look for it on Ebay. He shipped very quickly, and packed everything well.

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  1. Monica says:

    Hmmmm. Not sure about this one 😉 I mean the deck, not the website! Thanks for a great review – good to see what is out there. Looking forward to checking out your new blog posts x

  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    It’s real different, that’s for sure. I just like to learn about different paths, and I don’t know as much about the Left-Hand path as I would like. Frankly it fascinates me, but I’m not sure I’d ever want to pursue it in-depth.

  3. RA says:

    +O+ Hello. This is Ryan, the creator of the deck. Thank you for your interest friend. Copies of Emanations by Richard Moult are available for $320 + postage from me. I am presently working on TENDRIL – a far more refined set using my original style. There are sample images of stages of the project underway available of it on my facebook account as well as lots of information and commentary on it structure and development. It bears no resemblance to the Naos Set. ISS, RA. +O+

  4. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Hello Ryan! Thanks for coming by and the information on what you’re working on now, I’ll definitely check it out. I think Moult’s deck is a little out of my price range just now, but I will keep that in mind if things change for me. I’m very eager to work with your deck, I particularly like your pentacles, with the hands reaching. Honestly I’ve barely had time to read through the book at all, but I find some of the designs quite inspired.

  5. R says:

    +O+ Hi D.D. You’re welcome. I’ve been tabbing the progress of the TENDRIL set on Aeclectic Tarot Forum if you’re interested or not on facebook. I intend to upload some images of the cards to our official site Mvimaedivm later this week but have just been too busy to get around to it. As our friend says, this creation of a Sinister Tarot is part of the instructive tasks given in the Path I followed and was designed at 22. [I’m now 33]. It received both acclaim and fierce criticism – but the fact is, it is Still the only other full set of Sinister Tarot created for the ONA even ten years later – so the effort speaks for itself and it is the effort that is the magical point here – not necessarily the Tarot itself which is the result. The Naos Set is I think quite beautiful and as another magical addendum sold for $1k a set enabling me to buy my first car and continue my path onwards. I attempted another several years ago but never finished it called Archetypia using a greatly different style. Ten years later from the Naos Set my understanding has grown exponentially and the last six months have been spent honing my skills as an artist in order to be able to draw the human form and face to deliver a truly outstanding set. I think TENDRIL will aptly illustrate that. In some ways, the intensity of the Naos Deck is its best feature, and I’ve not lost it – but it was not my current, I did not understand a lot of what was meant by the symbolism, by the organization that offered it, about the Sinister, Forms, Essence and many other things. As a result – the Naos Deck is far less, than Tendril. Tendril represents MY current – the Temple of THEM – and our archetypal magic and imagery which we understand intimately. We are 12 cards into 28. We only require the “Major Arcana”.

    Naos is still used by many people and holds a certain place in my memories and heart as a feat few others have achieved despite their claims and criticism. It represents a youthful exuberance and one of my first footholds into the occult world I dominate now. If you are interested in the LHP may I suggest you visit here:
    There are many free manuscripts that will explain our approach and others, to the LHP. You might also find some of our books interesting.

  6. R says:

    +O+ I thought perhaps you might find these of interest.
    [The following readings were made using the Naos Deck Sinister Tarot in the Traditional Celtic Cross Layout [10 cards] for two people who kindly offered permission for their cards to be read.  Thank you to the individuals that volunteered to be a conduit for the Sinister energies of the ONA via the Naos Deck and for their further permission to repost these readings to illustrate the power and empathic connexions achievable via the Sinister and the Sinister Tarot. RA 2011]

    Reading No.1                                                                                                                                                                             
    1) 3 of Pentacles
    The Client: Troubled by the loss of direction, drowning in a turbulent past, unable to let go. Ready to seek what lays beyond if only she can grasp the hands offered to her. A lonely terrain stretches before her, but with strength and inner resolve she is ready to take the first steps toward inner and outer resolution.    
     2) Death
    Predominant Influence/ Acting against you: Death, the grim spectre of causal loss and the powerlessness to change it. Facing a crossroads, drawing blood from others whilst you await direction. You want to crack the firmaments but are held back by the wheel of life not yet turning in your favour, nor aligning with your spoke. You are being asked to learn patience with yourself and put behind you the bones of the past, to stand atop them and reach for the sun, so that you may succeed and grow beyond this recent tragedy.
    3) The Aece of Pentacles
    Distant Past: the tangled and messy energies of alignment, thrown one way and then the next, your faith in yourself and the solidity of anything is sorely tested. You believed it to be an insight into the  fragility of the world and turned your back on many things that seemed fragile, unreliable, or ready to morph into something else at the last moment as if they were a betrayal – causing yourself even more pain. This has lead you to purer place where you have learned to come to grips with the immutable laws of change, changes smaller than you and bigger than you can imagine, changes you fought against because you did not understand their connection to the wider insight. Fault is not your fault.
    4) Maiden of Salt / Chalices
    The Recent Past: Amidst the chaos that surrounded you, that streamed from every angle, you turned and hid; not to retreat as in the past but to gather strength – and then you dived. You submerged yourself within yourself, found the strength to be more than you thought you could . Beneath the dark pool of the moon you crystalized your intent, and left behind your tears, salty reminders that all things must cease, and even the greatest hardships bring with them a lesson of gold. A decision you made not to run has reaped rewards, you have grown stronger, but the hurt you carry inside is not for you now, but for everyone else.
     5) Maiden Aemalgam / Chalices.
    The Present: You are in an exceptional place. Aloft above your head you hold the imprisoned energies of the loss that caused you so much pain, not only of physical mortal things outside of you, but the return of empowerment within. All around the echoes sound but you stare straight ahead, determined to complete your spell and finish the diamond, the glowing crystal you have shaped yourself into, using the anger, the pain, the senseless hurt into angles you now wield as a weapon, as a shield, as a Way forward. Your strength is now needed in the world – for others you do not yet know.
    6) 2 of Pentacles
    Immediate Future: A perfect state of receptivity has been attained – but you cannot rest on your laurels yet. Before you can appreciate your position you need to reach out and touch an old darkness, to show you are no longer afraid. You must face your fear and allow yourself to be swallowed up once more, this time with the strength and determination to not be enveloped, but to bring it into you that you may envelop it. Peace defines you, but it is an uneasy peace, a façade for others benefit not your own. Inside you struggle with the secrets of the world, with the horrors and mysteries of the unknown. Once you would have been afraid, now you are angered by your past inactivity, enthused and excited by the chaos that looms before you. The 2 of pentacles indicates a steely resolve to find resolution and confront your fear.
    7,8,9) Hel, Lucifer, The Tower
    Future at Intervals: Before you can move you must make the difficult decision to perform an execution you have been avoiding for fear of your lack of strength. But the forces are with you, you have listened to them and they have aided you, held you, crafted your tears into magic. You stand between two worlds. One is the underworld where your foot now rests comfortably admidst the abyssal chaos that formed you, the other in this world of responsibility, ambition, direction, resolve and solidity – of hopes and dreams manifest. You are no longer wholly a slave to your unconscious, nor a mistress of your conscious – but the much needed, much desired Bridge between the two. For completeness of your journey, you must learn to live as a conduit between both worlds – you have lived too long in either as a separate being. Both consumed you and carried you far from the shores of where you wanted to be. But now you must steady your nerves, your hand, and your ruthlessness borne of acceptance, and sever the head that mocks you. Your initiation will then be complete.
      10) The Star
    The Outcome: This is a truly wonderful sign, the full expansion of womanhood achieved, aligned with yourself, with others and the world around you, your footsteps are as light in worry yet as heavy in trace. You leave a wake, a legacy of determination and power that is eagerly followed by the less fortunate, by the admiring, by the sky-watchers and dreamers who wish they could do what you have done. The dimensions from this place call to you, they can no longer rush forth and assail you with their strangeness but must accept and coax you to visit them – for you are in Control. Where you go and what you do, are now driven by you – not others. And for you, that is the highest star, the one you have been reaching for, your entire life.

    Reading No.2
     1) Magus of Salt / Wands
    The Client: A tumultuous arrival at intense landscapes varying in extremes of hot and cold, but only at the very beginning of the Journey forward. Seeking companionship with a need for resting on ones own when those companions come too close, there is much to learn and many arduous steps to overcome before you will arrive at your true destination, though you will arrive many times before it, and think each one the authentic. Volcanic, vulvic energies, intense and passionate, often overpowered by one another cause disruption and you must learn to master each, to teach each to wait its turn before being played if you are to have the strength to start your Journey.

     2) The Fool
    Predominant Influence/ Acting against you: Innocence, virtue, lifes naievity that either condemns one to wander the world a manic jester, or propels them through that archetype into a mastery of laughter tempered by sorrow and achieve the crucial acceptance of an ability to laugh at ones self, be gentle with oneself, and when time calls for it, yet gather all ones follies into a powerful weapon against self-doubt and uncertainty. A nuance of character, neither one nor the other, smiling at Life even as she bears sorrow. The ability to face the unknown, take risks, be prepared to jump. Be prepared to leave an old life behind and step into the Sages shoes.

    3) The Magickian
    Distant Past: A lack of reflexion and seriousness toward the angles that gives you your light, allows you to breeze past obstacles and difficulties, has encouraged you to isolate yourself from the needs and feelings of others. You have performed conjurations, pulled rabbits out of hats, to avoid having to deal with your responsibility in situations that have caused grief to another – changed your face, your clothes, your job. It is nothing to be ashamed of, we must all wear many masks until we find the right one is no mask – and to prepare for a journey requires a solid foundation from which to proceed, an identity and place to leave behind and travel forth from.

    4) The High Priestess
    The Recent Past: Growth and self-assurance and the ability to foresee shadows before you cast them, not a psychic sense but the development of intuition and empathy – the key elements that set the woman apart from the girl, the Found apart from the Lost. Gazing into yourself, scrying what you really feel is no challenge for you – you excel – but you are still detached, raised on high by your levity and refusal to be part of the often dark, muddy, messy earth – it is beneath you, chthonic wasteland that causes gravity to weigh your flights down. On the edge of a cliff, a precipice, you gaze down at yourself, sleeping – you are not awake, you do not know Her – but you will.

    5) The Sun
    The Present: All preparations have been made, and you have descended from your tower of isolation, said goodbye to old friends that you no longer need and set off into the unknown with nothing but your resolve to keep you company. Your wolves have gone, and where you are going nobody can follow you. There is no fear about where you are going, though you do not know and the road ahead is dark and long, your early gift of detachment, once a burden now a blessing has come full circle. You have been on this journey before, but the last time you were ill-equipped, you took too much with you and did not get very far from home. This time, you have taken nothing, need nothing, and will go far beyond the obstacles that present themselves on the near horizon, to whatever lies beyond.

    6) Azoth
    Immediate Future: The years have seen fit to grant you a rich vein of wisdom beneath your floating visage – it keeps you anchored, it gladdens the room and brings other light – but it will be tested on your lonely walk, and you will meet with many savage barbarians, both external persons seeking to take advantage or envious of your progress and in the form of negative frustration, doubts and fears of failure that the mountain is too high, too cold, the valleys too deep, too dark. But have faith, She Within and Without will shine a light for you, watch your passage – you know She is you, and you know what to do, you just have to do it – its what you’ve always known, you just have to let it happen. From your transformation in the Ice you will find the temperament to calm your fire.
    7,8,9) Man Gate, 4 of Pentacles, Wyrd
    Future at Intervals: The Man Gate represents a Chaotic element, a drawing down of great energies that threaten to harm or destroy the progress made, and only the Magus can direct the flow of these energies, partition them into safer streams from the raging torrent. It is your masculine side that will protect you when the gates open, your ability to reason and apply the logos over emotion and raw passion – the alchemical hierograms necessary to survive an attack on ourselves by ourselves. And yet, hope and a shining light in the bitter darkness from a Woman, from yourself and the reserves you did not know you had. The laughter you have carried will illustrate its perfection, its sublime apparatus as a weapon that comes as a white knight at the last moment to rescue and salvate. And you will take that hand, the cards attest to it. The Woman leads the way to the Three Wise Women, the Fates, the triple-goddess and the formation of a unity many go their whole lives without achieving. Now it is you who watch the fool, rather than be the fool – and may will seek your counsel because of the course you have taken and the insights you have gained. They will want to know your secret, the light in your heart and you will be well equipped to share it, to guide and comfort.
    10) Aeon
    The Outcome: The most profound of the Arcana, great ambitions, dreams, realized and with them made manifest the changing of a grand scale both seen and unseen. The Chess of the World unfurls, like a flower unfolding in the morning sun, your journey is destined to have profound effects on others and change the currents, bend them to the archetypal will characteristic of the Jester. The Wheel is waiting to turn – and fortuitously – but you will be required to turn it. Laugh, as you turn it, Magus…

    1. D. D. Syrdal says:

      Oops, our comments posted at the same time. Is this the same reading that’s in the book? I like what I’ve read of it, very interesting insights on the cards.

  7. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Thank you so much, Ryan. I will definitely be exploring more. The deck is indeed no small achievement. I could never have done it myself, not even half as well. I find much of the imagery quite compelling, and I still have much to learn about most of it. I read that it was a requirement, and was overwhelmed at the idea of having to create a deck such as this. I’m eager to see what you’re working on currently.

  8. R says:

    +O+ No problem, and yes it is the same two readings that are in the book. It was overwhelming at the time D.D – it’s gotten easier with subsequent efforts but it’s still a difficult thing to create. Take care mate 🙂 ISS, RA

  9. R says:

    +O+ Hello again – I’ve updated our website. Here is a link to see one of the fully painted Tendril cards, and some rough sketches to give you some idea.!tendril and here is another link to some close-up shots of Emanations and the contents of its kit –!emanations
    Would be interested to know how you go learning to divine with the Naos Set if you do D D. ISS, RA

  10. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Thanks, Ryan! Wow, I’d say your artistic abilities have been coming along quite nicely. That card is quite striking, and beautiful. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to even touch the deck again since I did this post on it. They say real estate is the one thing they can’t make more of. I’d amend that to include ‘time’. If my days were only 2- or 3x as long as they are… 😉 I’ll let you know when I have a chance to work with the deck, and I am quite eager to do so.

  11. R says:

    +O+ Thanks 🙂 And don’t sweat it – these things take time and I’m not trying to rush you – its your deck, use it how You would. I know all too well how precious time is, and how there never seem to be enough 😉

  12. R says:

    +O+ Hi DD, I hope you don’t mind me dropping by to share a new sneak-peek image of the tendril cards. You can see it at!tendril
    I have also dropped the price of Emanations to $250 a set until 13th July if that’s of interest. Hope you are well. ISS

  13. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Thanks, Ryan, it’s looking great! Afraid Emanations is still a bit rich for my blood, however 😦 I know I’m going to regret not getting it, but I just can’t justify it right now.

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