This whole job situation is not settling down in my mind. Sure, I’m becoming accustomed to it, to how to do the job, to my co-workers; the boss less so. So I did what any self-respecting Tarot reader would do – I pulled some cards. And not just any cards, I brought out the Fallen Angels for their perspective on the situation.

Cimeries – Element: Earth, Planet: Moon. The Keyword (or Motto as the book calls it) is Settlement. Again, I don’t follow how the author came to that. Perhaps “Civilization” would have been more apt. A warrior angel who rides a black horse, can inspire men to become great warriors. He also teaches grammar, logic, rhetoric and other arts of peace and civilization. He helps find hidden treasures, both tangible and those of the mind. Maybe he’ll help me root out some brilliant scheme to get out of this job.


Furfur – Element: Water, Planet: Mars. More interesting is the message the book assigns to this card: A storm threatens, but help comes from an unexpected quarter.

Hmm. Furfur’s totem animal (I didn’t know fallen angels had totem animals, but ok, I can go with it) is the stag. Furfur’s attributes include being proud, strong, but aloof. But if he chooses to involve himself and help you, he is considered a great counselor (and a bunch of other stuff like motivator in affairs of the heart, which doesn’t apply here). This sounds promising, I’ll have to look up his sigil and see if we can have a chat.

And lastly:

Stunningly intriguing, Seere. Element: Water; Planet: Jupiter. Message: Excitement and great changes enter your life. Let your imagination soar. He is said to delight in travel, whether transporting you, or bringing others to you from afar. As his name suggests, he can give glimpses of the future.

His appearance is that of a beautiful youth, riding a winged horse (like Pegasus). You can see the motto of “Change, Travel”.


So, between the logic and arts of Cimeries, the wise counsel of Furfur, and the excitement hinted at by Seere, it seems still more changes are ahead of me. Perhaps this job is not the end of the line after all.


What do you think?

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