Dark Fairytale Tarot

I got a nice surprise when the Dark Fairytale Tarot Deck showed up early. Amazon had it listed as being released in September, but lo and behold, it arrived with the Tarot of the Spirit deck.

I had misgivings about this one, since there weren’t many images available online ahead of the scheduled release. I was afraid it would turn out to be badly drawn or lacking any sort of …well.. anything really, to set it apart from the scads of others. But anything with “Dark” in the title will at least get a look. And I’m glad I took a chance. Like the Anne Stokes Gothic, it turned out to be much nicer than I anticipated. The minors are all illustrated in this one, happily. (not that the illustrations are happy… you know what I mean) And, much to my delight, it somehow managed to avoid the massive borders with the card titles in multiple languages. That just drives me crazy.

I love this Death card. Now that’s a Death I’d want to talk to.

I think there is a strong resemblance here:

Brandon Lee as “The Crow”

And here, is the best surprise. Remember the movie “Legend”, with Tim Curry as “Darkness”?

Well, looky who’s playing The Devil in this deck:

Ahahaha! I love it. I’m not entirely sure how this does or does not infringe on the copyright of the movie, though. I’m not sure if they angel is there in thrall to the Devil, or if the two of them are overseeing that hand stretching up from what I imagine to be Hell itself. Are they working together? Hard to say.

Anyway, it’s a worthy addition to my collection.

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