Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards

Another oracle deck I’ve been eyeing for awhile (they’ve been out since 2003) and finally purchased is Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards from Monolith Graphics, artwork by Christine Filipak. Since Endora from the old “Bewitched” tv series is pretty much my role model in life, I really had to have these (not that these have anything to do with that show or that Endora, but you know what I mean).

It’s comprised of 48 cards that are larger than average at 3″x5 1/8″ (78mm x 130mm). The way they’re printed though you could trim 1/8″ from all sides and not hurt the image or even the back design, if you needed them a bit smaller. The borders aren’t really huge, you couldn’t take too much off without altering the image so it may not be worth your while. These have no numbers at all, putting them in any kind of order is moot. They are, however, grouped as:

The Royal Court: The King, The Queen, The Wizard, The Seer, The Knight, The Maiden, The Minstrel, The Harlequin

The Realm of Fable: The Golem, The Greenman, Hindrance, Medusa, The Satyr, Seduction, Serendipity, The Siren, The Sphinx, The Spirit

The Bestiary: The Black Cat, The Chimera, The Dragon, The Gryphon, The Raven, The Serpent, The Spider, The Unicorn, The Wolf, The Wyvern

The Treasury: The Caduceus, The Chalice, The Dagger, The Gate, The Hand of Fate, The Hourglass, The Key, Love, The Mystic Circle, The Oracle, The Shield, The Talisman

The Elements: The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, The Winds of Change

I doubt I’ll ever bother trying to put them back in the original order. The tuck box even has a little phrase on the top flap that says “May your path be blissful and prosperous.”

It’s a unique deck, not Tarot certainly and not even Lenormand-based. It comes with a 29-page booklet that gives meanings for the cards and four spreads. You can see twelve of the cards here (click on the little image to pull up a full image of the card). Each card has a small phrase at the bottom giving the basic meaning of the card. Since they have so many pictured at their site, I’m only going to show a few here.

I like this one a lot, it’s well-suited to doing daily draws along the lines of “What does this day have in store for me?” I ordered mine directly from Monolith Graphics, as I did with their Gothic Tarot. They ship very quickly.

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  1. I love the concept of this deck. Especialy the Harlequin, Black cat, and Trickster. Very interestiing!

  2. D. D. Syrdal says:

    It is a fun little deck. I like that it’s so completely original, and the art is so good.

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