I’m still looking for guidance with this job. I’ve been there 2 1/2 months now, and I can’t say I’m really getting used to it yet. I’ve never had this much trouble settling into a job. I’m not sure this reading is much help.

But there it is. Chiron is the Hierophant, a card that traditionally symbolizes tradition, teaching, inspiration and revelation. The book for the deck says that to study under Chiron means brushing up on mythology, and the ancient gods and goddesses (accompanied by several pages of charts equating the pantheons and their astrological associations).

The Moon shows the embodiment of the triple goddess: slim figure of a maiden, but the full breasts of a woman who is either expecting a baby, or recently gave birth, and the white/silver hair of an elder. She’s accompanied by two hounds, showing her connection with Diana, huntress and goddess of the moon. The moon goes through phases, waxing and waning, growing and shrinking, exerting its pull on the tides. Not sure what this is telling me about the job. Not everything has been revealed? Ups and downs? Good days and bad days? I’m still waiting for the good days.

Five of Swords warns of treachery, deceit. Yeah, pretty sure I know where that’s going to come from.

King of Pentacles is solid, stalwart, grounded. Not flashy and exciting, but by the gods he’s dependable and not to be messed with. He’s not impressed with flash and dazzle, but he’s the type of person no one doubts. Can’t wait to meet him.


What do you think?

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