Vampyre Advice

Last night in a fit of despair over the job situation (Yes, I’m still on about that), I called on my beloved vampires to help me see my way a little more clearly. I’m not sure what possessed me but I went for a full-on 10-card Celtic Cross spread. Oy. Talk about information overload. I only managed to get through the first six cards before I was exhausted and needed some time to process what I’d already been given before proceeding to the final four cards. The book that comes with this deck is quite in-depth, roughly 4 – 6 pages PER CARD, so it’s a lot of information. Even if you’re not into vampires, I’d say this set is worth the purchase just for the book.

So let’s see what I got.

4 Majors, 3 Grails (Cups), One Scepter (Wand), One Skull (Pentacle), one Court, Lord of Grails (King of Cups)

Hmm. Not a lot of fire here, nothing much in the way of creativity going on. Too true.

Three from the suit of Grails (Cups) indicating a lot of emotional intensity.

Celtic Cross with Tarot of Vampyres

Position 1. – The World
Umm, ok. Not feeling particularly World-ish at the moment, but the suggested meaning is that things may soon be going my way, something good is about to happen. Ooo, we likey. Crossing that, I got

Position 2. – Fortune

This also speaks of changes, the wheel turning, things in flux. It’s generally a good indicator since most people come to the cards for advice when things are already at a low point.

3. Two of Grails. Well, that’s nice but it fell in the position of ‘distant past.’ Yeah, I thought I had true love. Ok, yes, I know that was a stupid thing to think, but I was young and dumb. Live and learn.

It could also indicate something that seemed like a perfect fit at the time. I was pretty jazzed about this job before I got it. It’s a fairly prestigious local employer and getting in there is no small feat. I realize what I’ve got. In one sense, it’s a good thing. But it’s also not what I expected it to be, and I never imagined it would be this much of a drain on me.

Position 4 – Lord of Grails. Oh yeah, I know you. It was not long before this job came up that this fella rolled on into my life. Sensual, seductive, and dangerous. Yeah buddy, I’ve got your number. And I’m still putty in your hands. Don’t go anywhere.

Position 5 – Seven of Skulls. This is what may happen in the future. Being grounded, taking time to assess things. She’s bitten that apple, and it’s good, but she’s clinging to the sundial, the marker of time. The rest of the garden has gone dormant, the tree lost its leaves. The harvest is past. But she wants more. Looks like I need to do some soul-searching, stop trying to force things.

6. Temperance – Something that will happen in the future. I find it interesting that a Major arcana comes up in this position. Temperance is good, a blending of desire and need, balancing the physical and spiritual. Balance can never be a bad thing. Can it?

I think I’m going to end there for now, break this up into at least two posts. I’ve barely had time to go over it, and no time to type up the rest.


10 thoughts on “Vampyre Advice

  1. wow, it sounds like there’s a lot coming up around the corner. Was Lord of Grails an actual person, a spirit that kept coming around, or something your created? Seven of skulls is singing at me – just b/c the harvest is past doesn’t mean yu can’t move on to something interesting…

  2. If I suddenly meet someone at work tomorrow named Logan, I’ll know it’s really him. Like that Sylvia person popping up right after I named a character Sylvia. She must be working with him…

    • I think maybe we are starting to have that “The Last Storyteller” experience of telling a story and making it happen a little. Last week I decided, almost 50 pages in, to start thinking a little about what my narrator looks like – I COMPLETELY INVENTED a specific reddish-blondish-not-quite-curly-not-quite-straight kinda hair, and a big goofy smile that I hadn’t actually seen on a live person. DAMN if a new student didn’t walk into class a few days later with exactly that kind of hair and smile. Crazier still, she explained to me how she had originally signed up for another section, but moved into mine, sight unseen, because she didn’t quite feel comfortable with that teacher…

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