Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the office










Despite my initial post on this deck, the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan, criticizing some of the art and being underwhelmed, this deck was calling to me last night, so I went ahead and pulled these three with it.

The Hermit indicates a need to withdraw, have some time to myself, meditate, do some soul-searching. Yep. I’ll buy that.

The Ten of Wands says I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m carrying almost more than I can handle. The goal I’ve set for myself may be out of reach, or difficult to achieve. No surprise there.

Then we have the Five of Wands. Fives are never good. They’re always about things out of balance, and some form of strife, an element of despair, even anger. This one says there’s going to be some butting of heads. I’m going to go with “Sucky Office Environment” for $10,000, please. I am increasingly frustrated that the new person, whom I refer to as Ms. A, is apparently so loved and lauded, when the co-worker who sits next to her tells me almost daily how much time the new office heroine spends on Facebook everyday, typing madly to make it sound like she’s working feverishly, and then telling me (and anyone who happens to be in earshot) how busy she is. To make matters worse, my boss, with whom I’ve had a tepid relationship all along, ended the day by thanking Ms A for her ‘hustle’ on something (no idea what). This is after hounding me to get in touch with someone for a meeting, and I found out today she had given me the wrong name, hence my inability to contact this person, or even find a phone number. Do you think she assumed any blame for this, or apologized for giving me bad info? Hell to the NO. So at the 11th hour, I got it all worked out with the help of the office manager.

No, just as I was starting to think this situation might work out, I am once again reminded that I do not belong there, and I should probably move on as soon as possible. Why they are so in love with Ms. A escapes me. It’s like she can do no wrong, and I can do no right. Just bad chemistry, I guess.

Here’s the closest artistic rendering I can find to show you what Ms A is like, so you can maybe get a tiny glimpse of why she irritates me so. The hair is wrong (too long and wrong color) and the nose is much too fine, but the ATTITUDE, and walking around with the eyes closed with the nose way up in the air is dead on. I’m not making this up.

At least a fairy has justification for some ‘tude.


6 thoughts on “Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the office

    • LOL great way to put it 🙂 I don’t know how anyone can walk around with their eyes closed like that (obviously open a slit to see where they’re going). She looks ridiculous.

  1. I did hear her talking w/the ofc manager about having so much to do she was going to have to put in some overtime. I’d say she’s starting to realize she’s in over her head. Not sure they’re going to authorize O/T when she takes off early every Thursday for personal stuff. Not much on the faux fella, but I did hear she needs to find a new place to live. Whatever arrangement she’s had where she is apparently is ending. Still can’t figure out why she & her ‘bf’ aren’t living together since she left a good job to follow him x-country.

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