Victorian Romantic Tarot, 2nd Edition

So this stunning goody package arrived today from Prague and the fabulous Baba Studio. I pre-ordered the bundle of full-size deck, mini deck, spread cloth, paperback book, and limited edition bag back in August, I think, or maybe earlier. Regardless, it arrived today and it is glorious. I also added a couple other Tarot bags to the order, as long as I was going for broke.

All goodies

As you can see, at this point everything but the spread cloth is still in the protective plastic. I almost can’t bring myself to take the bags out, I want them to stay as pristine and beautiful as the minute they arrive, but that’s silly. No point in having them if I’m not going to use them.

The large deck came with two Lovers cards, and the mini includes an extra card, “The Fortune Teller”. I think this may become their trademark extra card, rather than a “Happy Squirrel” that some others include as a joke. The Baroque Bohemian Cats deck I have has the extra Fortune Teller card as well.

The Fortune Teller

Here are the two Lovers cards. The one on the left is the same image as in the first edition of the deck as well as the Russian edition. The image on the right is new, and both were included with the standard size deck.


Many of the cards have changed significantly. Below are the new Temperance card next to the Russian version, which I believe is the original English version as well.

TemperanceBoth mini and full size decks have the gilt edging, and come in the sturdy lidded boxes, rather than a tuck box. The accompanying book is rich with insights, as well information on the original art and artists. If I was going to be frugal and sensible I would never have spent the money on this set. But where Tarot is concerned, common sense goes out the window for me. This is a little treasure that will give me much pleasure, and therefore I consider the money well-spent.


4 thoughts on “Victorian Romantic Tarot, 2nd Edition

  1. Oh MY, that spread cloth is divine! The Lovers cards give me _feelings_ and I’m sure you can relate as to what those _feelings_ might be 😉 Enjoy your pretty new shiny things; maybe this deck will be able to give you some more constructive readings re: the shitty work situation. (I am SO glad that I’m not a huge fan of the Baba decks – it’s much safer for the bank account his way :D)

    • It’s a stunner, that’s for sure 🙂 Hehehe, yes yes, the Lovers are delish. Yeah, I need some advice in that arena, for sure. There’s gotta be a better way to make a living. Some days I find myself envying the ladies who clean the bathrooms. How telling is that?

      I’m a Baba addict, no question about it. 😀

  2. Oooh can’t wait to get mine… I ordered a while back, after the first batch was closed, when they placed a few up for sale that were cancelled or not paid for, so I hope the whole thing comes through soon. Looks amazing!!! I never had the first deck so this will be completely fresh for me. And I didn’t get the Russian version either, since I thought it would feel a bit weird, but now I wish I has as I could’ve just used it for collage purposes or similar. Have fun 😉

  3. At least now I can figure out what some of the Russian version cards are!! LOL Some I could tell but not all of them. I didn’t have the first English language version either. I wouldn’t cut up the Russian edition for anything, it’s worth significantly more than I paid for it now (if you can even find it). Some of the cards in the Russian edition seem a little more vibrant, I’ll have to do some more comparing. I hope you get yours soon, it’s really gorgeous as all their decks are! 🙂

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