New Lenormands

Today I wanted to call attention to some new Lenormand decks I ran across on (you guessed it) Ebay.  Since there seemed to be only one of each listed, I did some sleuthing on them and found the creator’s site, rather than get into a bidding war for the cards. I always check to see if an unfamiliar deck is available elsewhere before I bid on Ebay. Happily, this one is:

This is an original creation, called the Waterlilies Lenormand. This is so up my alley with my love of fine art decks. You can order them through the artist’s site, or through, but the author includes a tuckbox for the cards, and I believe she said Gamecrafter does not. She also did Visconti Lenormand cards, based on the famous Visconti deck, based on the Cary-Yale Visconti cards. These are offered with just numbers on the cards, or with titles as well.

There is also a selection of reproductions of other antique Lenormand decks available. Personally I’m just about drooling over the Waterlilies and Visconti decks, but at $20 a pop, this could add up quickly. At the moment she has a deal of $50 for three of the historic reproduction decks going, but I don’t know how long that will last. There is also a repro tarot deck called the Francois de Poilly Tarot that I’d never heard of (incredibly). You can see all the offerings on the Order Page, including a Sola Busca reproduction. The drawback is it can take up to a month to get them. I guess it’s a POD situation.

Anyway, just thought some folks would like to know about these.


2 thoughts on “New Lenormands

  1. The Waterlilies Lenormand is a beauty! This little devil on your shoulder thinks you definitely need it 😉 The Sola Busca repro is soooo tempting too!

  2. Hahaha 😉 I don’t need much nudging, I’ll confess. I didn’t realize the Sola Busca had become so hard to find. Even on Ebay, it rarely comes up. I thought, until very recently, that US Games was still printing it. Apparently not.

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