The Year of The World

Inspired by Monica at Tarot in a Teacup who posted her year card, I worked out that this year for me is a World  year. You figure this by adding your birth day, month, and the current year, then reduce it down to a number  between 1 and 21 (which kind of leaves out the possibility of adding up to zero, The Fool. Not sure how that works). At any rate, by this formula, the year 2012 was the year of Judgement for me. Har, har, har. Getting laid off felt like a judgement, as does the whole job hunting/interview process, and being judged constantly at the new job… yeah. Wow.

Thoth UniverseWell, this ought to be a banner year for me. The World, or The Universe in some decks, is where it’s at. As the final card in the deck, it shows we’ve reached the end of our journey, the pinnacle of the whole exercise of the Fool’s Journey, or the Great Work. Associated with the element Earth fittingly, it’s a sign of successful achievement of goals.

I’m not going to go into all the Kabbalistic associations of the card, it’s way too much for this post. I could only scratch the surface. Besides, it would make most people’s eye glaze over.

Tarot of Vampyres
Tarot of Vampyres

The influence of Crowley’s Thoth deck is evident in my beloved Tarot of Vampyres.

The original creative seed of cosmic consciousness has come to fruition, and the original spiritual essence of desire has manifested in the external world. The exaltation of the Fool is made manifest in earthly existence and our quest has been brought to completion.”

I hope this is indicating a new job for me. If I’m finishing one cycle, I must be on the verge of a new one.

Dark Fairytale
Dark Fairytale

Vampire Tarot WorldRobert M. Place’s Vampire Tarot built on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, and here he uses Mina as the central image. The wreath surrounding her is half-alive, and half-dead. In place of the symbols of the four evangelists (Lion, Eagle, Bull, and Man) she is surrounded by the letters of her own name. If you start with the A at the top, and read it clockwise around, we come up with ANIMA, soul, which Place tells us is her true role in Stoker’s allegory.

“The mirror symbolizes the wisdom she has gained, the power to reflect, to see herself or the reflection of her soul, a power that the vampire does not possess.”

Wicca Moon World
Wicca Moon Tarot

And finally the lovely World card from the Wicca Moon Tarot, with what appears to be a winged angel, wearing the crown of Isis, her wings gently enfolding the Earth.

I sure hope I’ll make it through this year as victoriously as the cards suggest.

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  1. Monica says:

    I always see the World card as a card of completion in some way. But most usually in a positive, fulfilled way. I do hope it brings both fulfillment and contentment within the boundaries of the material world… Many blessings for 2013!

    1. D. D. Syrdal says:

      Thanks, I hope so too! 🙂

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