I never want to believe it

And yet the Tarot always tells me the truth.

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks, moreso than usual. My car died on the way to work Jan. 28, Monday morning. After a week in the shop while my mechanic tried to fix it (to the tune of $332) I finally issued the DNR order – Do Not Resuscitate. Poor old beast had 260,000 miles on it, and was 26 years old. Dang car was old enough to drink and then some. I suppose I should have retired it long ago but it was so lovely not having a car payment that I learned to live with all its quirks and shortcomings: The dash no longer lit up, had to carry a flashlight to see the dials; the heater lever didn’t move so the only way to get heat was to turn on the defroster. At least that worked. The air conditioning died years ago. One of the rear doors could not be opened from the outside. It leaked oil, power steering fluid. The passenger door lock was broken, couldn’t be opened or locked with a key from that side. And on  and on. I know, I know, I should have gotten rid of it ages ago, but it was nice not having a car payment.

I decided to consult the cards on a car before I went out to look at it last Saturday. Here’s what I got:

Four of SkullsStarTen of Skulls

Well. Four of Skulls (Pentacles) usually indicates hanging on tightly to money or material possessions. It looks like the vampire guarding the lady vamp is protecting his assets, in a sense, and she is content to stay in a safe place. Then I have The Star, suggesting to keep hoping, there was still something on the horizon. The Ten of Skulls is great here, meaning I’ll be ok financially. I took this at the time to mean I’d be better off not spending the money on this particular car. As it happened, the dealer had to send it to the shop for a new key and I wasn’t able to see it or test drive it. I’m still fuzzy on what happened to the key, the chip had to be reprogrammed or something. When they got it back a few days later, I went out to test drive it, and found it had some issues. I decided to pass on it.

So I found another one that looked great online: clean Carfax, single-owner, in my price range. Again, I pulled cards before heading out:

PriestessQueen of SceptersThree of Knives

Sigh. I was going to have to use my knowledge to play their games (I’ve in the past had the Queen of Scepters/Wands pop up as real estate people, who are kind of like car dealers in my book), but heartbreak was to be mine. Turns out just before I got there to see the car, someone else had been in and test driven it, and it overheated on him. ARGH. I had really hoped that one was going to work out. I checked a couple others they had at the lot, but wasn’t convinced they were in the kind of shape I was looking for (although in my price range, 4 tires and it goes were pretty much my criteria). It’s astounding how much money they want for these vehicles that will clearly need service immediately.

I’d been renting a vehicle for the last two weeks which was getting really expensive, so I decided it was do-or-die yesterday. In desperation I ended up at a local (large, more reputable) dealer, with no prep ahead of time (didn’t scope them out on the Web, no Carfax reports, no blue-booking) and got what I hope will be a decent little car.  I’m not sure I want to pull cards on it after the fact. I’ll have to deal with it, come what may now. At least I was prepared for the disappointment on the earlier cars.


2 thoughts on “I never want to believe it

  1. Aww, your car sounds like a dear old thing; it’s always sad to let a much-loved piece of equipment go. Hopefully the new one performs just as well for the next 26 years!

    Just want to add that I’m always amazed at your ability to read the Vampyres – I can NOT for the life of me get anything from them! Unless I’m reading for someone else – oh then they are chatty chat chatty mcchattersons. But for me? Nada.

    • I should have retired the car long ago (bear in mind it was 13 when I bought it). The ‘new’ car is 11 years old, so I doubt I’ll keep it as long. But, so far, so good.

      I love my Vampyres, they are my new go-to deck. Maybe they love me back 😉

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