A Voz Interior

Here’s our card for the week. This is the “Inner Voice” from the Osho Zen Tarot. My copy happens to be in Portuguese, as it was a gift from a guy I was dating years ago who went on a business trip to Brazil. He brought this back as a gift for me. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Portuguese, so never used the deck. I guess I could get the book at least in English, though. I was always sort of down on anything connected with Osho after his shenanigans here in Oregon so was sort of put off the whole deck. But the cards really are quite lovely. Supposedly it’s a system based on Zen Buddhism, but Osho and his groupies were into some nefarious dealings out here. If you want, look up Rajneeshpuram   and the poisoning of local restaurants with salmonella. I won’t even get into his Rolls…

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