The ’80s Called

So I had this weird dream, all science fictiony complete with invading insectoid bi-pedal aliens that only one guy can see because he has a special filter hooked up to the rifle he’s using to hunt them. The filter contained something green, like a green fluid he had to look through that would reveal them, as they were invisible to everyone else. This special filter object was about the size of one of those hand mirrors that ladies used to keep on their bureaus, big round thing, mounted on his gun where a normal sight would be. Anyway, these creatures were showing up and abducting people but it was like performers they were after. I got up to the ship or wherever they were storing people and someone was singing and wearing some kind of Las Vegas style humongous headdress with two gigantic horns flowing down off the top of her head. Reminded me a little of the Devil in the Waite-Smith Tarot deck,

Universal Waite Devil

although they seemed to be more like incredibly long feathers. Everything was black behind her, but I had the impression of lots of people milling around. Maybe the aliens didn’t have anything like Las Vegas and wanted to start one, I don’t know.

The aliens themselves had heads shaped somewhat like praying mantises, but more complex. That was just the basic shape of the head, rather than being ant-like, or bee-ish. Nothing fuzzy or hairy, what I could see of them was sort of steely gray, looked metallic as if it was a hard exo-skeleton (armor?). The arms were a normal length, same proportions as a human, but again very insectoid (that’s not really accurate but I can’t think of a better word). Overall they were kind of short, probably not much more than five feet tall. I only saw one for a couple seconds, mostly I was running around, like I was following the hunter around going after these things. Didn’t get a good look at the hunter, though.

And then I got this song stuck in my head. I have no idea if this is a real song that I heard at some point or not. I can only remember one line:

The desert in bloom is like the heartbeat of the night

accompanied by a really dreadful 80s-sounding melody. Don’t ask me what that means, I haven’t the foggiest.  Happily after a few hours, I can no longer hear the melody. Nope, wait, I was wrong. It’s back. So what does this have to do with Tarot?

I started going through my Tarot decks because it suddenly occurred to me the Tarot is virtually devoid of insect life. There are dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, bulls (or at least their heads), lions, fish, children, snakes, birds, salamanders,  crustaceans, mythical creatures. At last, in the W/S deck, I found a butterfly carved into the side of the Queen of Swords’ throne.

Universal Waite Queen of SwordsButterfly Q of Swords








The Shadowscapes Tarot is loaded with butterflies (as are many of the newer decks)

Shadowscapes EmpressShadowscapes Justice But then we get the Eight of Pentacles which features a spider

Shadowscapes 8 of Pentacles









The Thoth deck is another story. There are a number of the Majors that have bees on them, starting with the Empress

Empress You can see the bees on the top of her dress

Empress closeup








The Emperor

EmperorEmperor closeup









The Lovers

LoversLovers closeup










ArtArt Closeup










The Star even

Thoth StarStar closeup









But I think the one I love the most is the Sun. Until I started looking closely at these, I never realized what I always took to be flowing hair on the childrens’ heads is actually wings

Thoth SunSun closeup




Just incredible. I don’t know what this signifies, as I’m not a devotee of Thelema, and most of the imagery in this deck is Thelemic (the roses and butterflies in the Star card). I just thought it was interesting.


9 thoughts on “The ’80s Called

    • Hmm, maybe. Not sure what bad 80s music has to do with it, though 😉 Just glad I was able to remember it long enough to write it all down. I’m usually too lazy to dig up pen and paper when I wake up from a dream, so I lose a lot of potential story material.

  1. Have you seen District 9? Your aliens remind me of the prawns (which are somewhat based off of the “Parktown Prawns” ( that are the nightmare fuel for many Sarf Efricans ;))

    You just _had_ to go and make a fascinating observation on insects in the tarot, didn’t you? It shows the RWS as being more Man-centric than the Thoth, and I would have expected it to be the other way round. I might just have to scour my decks and see how they match up.

    • I haven’t seen that movie. Now I’m more curious than ever about it, maybe it’ll go into rotation on HBO at some point.

      Not sure what made me think about insects and Tarot. There is the “Insetti Tarot” that’s ALL insects, but that doesn’t really count.

      Still puzzling about that line about the desert… I guess my subconscious is no better at poetry than my conscious mind.

  2. Love this! That dream sounds like one of the crazy ones my husband has all the time. I love that you were able to tie it to tarot with all the insects on these cards. I’d love to see more moths on cards. ❤

    Okay, but seriously. I don't know if it's just suggestive or what, but that line you quoted from the song? It rings incredibly familiar to me! Like, I could swear I just heard that line somewhere. In a song? In a video game? In a movie? A book? I don't know! But it feels like I know it from *somewhere*!!

    • Hahaha. 🙂 Well if you think of it let me know. It’s very possible it’s from a song or something I heard long ago, but I have no conscious memory of it.

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