Could it be True?

I have a question weighing on me, that should resolve itself in the next 3-4 weeks, but being the impatient person I am I decided to put it to the Tarot. Admittedly, this is a bit of an experiment. You know how I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I still have a hard time believing the cards, even though I’ve seen them be spot on over and over again? Well, that’s kind of what’s behind this. Or put another way, I suppose it’s a good test of my ability to interpret them. I used Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot. Without mentioning what the question is, here’s what I got:

Knight of Pentacles Huh. Ok. Well I have an idea what this is, but not entirely sure. Looks like I may end up dealing with a different individual than I anticipated.
Two of Wands Can I just say, “BINGO!” There I am, waiting to find out if the project is going to bear fruit. They could hardly be more on-target than with this card. I really had to laugh at this. The man is a successful businessman, clearly dressed in wealthy attire, but he’s waiting to hear about a new business prospect. The calico cat, which Dugan says in the book is a symbol of the Triple Goddess with her three-colored coat, and are considered lucky.
Twos in general indicate a period of waiting for something, and Wands are associated with fire and creativity. Oh yes. All so applicable here.
Page of Pentacles Oh my. My my my. Dare I hope? I’m taking this as a very good sign. Pages are often the bearers of news, and the Pentacles of course are connected to money and material things. I’m trying not to SQUEEEEE all over the place. See the blooming magnolia tree in the background? The magnolias are in full bloom here right now, and smell oh so heavenly. The white hind serenly nibbling on the grass symbolizes magic and miracles. I could use some of both. I worked very hard on something, as the studious Page of Pentacles would tell me to. Let’s hope she’s offering me the reward of the big golden pentacle. We’ll see within a month.

I’d say this deck and I are getting along splendidly so far. Hopefully I don’t have too much longer to wait to find out. Stay tuned, I’ll post an update when I hear the outcome.

What do you think?

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