Time for Another Beach Trip?

So this evening I find myself in a fairly foul mood, like I’m just about at the breaking point and want to pull my head into my shell like a turtle and ignore the whole world. I don’t know what triggered it this time, but I’m not in a good place tonight. Naturally I grabbed one of my Tarot decks (aka, security blankies). I get very cranky if I don’t have time to spend with my cards. I started shuffling, and lo and behold I got a jumper. I normally pay no mind to them, just stick them back in and keep shuffling until I feel I’m ready, but some respected Tarot friends have told me they always pay attention to jumpers. So ok, I turned it over. I shit you not, this is what I got:


Not to put TOO fine a point on it, eh? :::shaking my head::: Seriously, you can’t make this up, nor apparently do you have to.

Anyway, I pulled two more cards, just off the top of the deck after I shuffled a little more. Hooooo-boy, think this message could be any clearer?

King of Cups  Nine of CupsAs I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always drawn strength from the ocean, just being at the beach. And look, sea turtles. I love sea turtles. Those beautiful blues and greens and all that lovely water swirling, and pretty golden fishies.

Driving home tonight I just wanted so badly to just withdraw from everything, cut myself off from the world. I’d like to live in that pretty world the King of Cups and the merman in the Nine of Cups live in. Why does reality have to be so ugly and awful?


What do you think?

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