Tarot Card of the Day – Judgement

JudgementI’ve hardly had time to touch my cards lately but felt compelled to pull one from the beautiful Alice Tarot from Baba Studio tonight. You can read my earlier post about it from when it first arrived here. I pulled Judgement, as you can see. Unfortunately the scan does not show the metallic accents. I tried to get a pic, but it’s tricky. It’s so subtle you have to catch it in just the right angle and light.

Judgement showing foil accents

Anyway, in addition to the usual RWS card meanings of making a judgement or that of rebirth, the Alice Tarot adds the ideas of escaping a dangerous situation, things aren’t as bad as they look, getting a reprieve or remission, escaping a nasty fate. To me, having grown up Catholic, the idea of judgement was always a negative one, that of being judged and found wanting. I much prefer the meanings ascribed to the card. At the moment I don’t know what it could be referring to, perhaps it’s something that hasn’t come up yet. Will have to try to bear this in mind over the next few days.


What do you think?

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