Daily Card – Knight of Swords


Knight of Swords


This is the Knight of Swords from the Nusantara Tarot, a Waite-Smith clone from Indonesia. I was able to purchase it as part of a group buy years ago through someone on the Tarot Collector’s Forum. We had the option of deck and book, or deck only. I opted for deck only, since the book was written in Bahasa Indonesian (IIRC). Anyway, it’s a lovely little deck that was purposely ‘antiqued’, hence all the ‘smudging’ and ‘staining’ on the card. It’s supposed to look like that. I really love the art on this one.

So, the Knight of Swords is someone who rushes into battle, he’s ready to take on whatever challenges he has to face. You can see the wind is blowing the trees behind him on the cliff, and the birds and clouds are racing across the sky. Lots of mental energy being expended here, lots to think about, problems to solve. This knight is fearless, he’s not stopped by obstacles he’s sure he can overcome. His motives are pure, and he won’t go down without a fight.

However, we have to be careful not to rush headlong into something if we haven’t fully considered the consequences. Sometimes we get so worked up about a new idea that we charge in without thinking it through, causing more problems for ourselves later. We don’t want to be paralyzed by over-thinking something, but getting frustrated with a process and forging ahead with blinders on probably isn’t a good idea.


What do you think?

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