Daily Tarot Card – The Lovers

Alice Tarot Lovers Alice Tarot Lovers foil stamping

The Lovers from the Alice Tarot by Baba Studio. No, I’m not shilling for them, they just create/publish the most extraordinary decks. I put up two images of the card because I wanted to show the foil stamping that’s used on them, as well as the depth of color. The foil accents are so beautifully done, you have to catch them in just the right light to see it. You can see I had to tilt the angle of the camera to catch them in the second picture.

I usually read The Lovers as a choice between two things, or two people. The Alice Tarot gives the meanings of “Sexual and/or physical passion. Love and romance – most likely of a serious kind. A deep and lasting partnership. Making an important choice – usually between two people. The love of your life.”

I can’t imagine anything romantic is going to happen at the office today, so I guess I’ll channel my passion for writing and try to get some words in on my WIP.

What do you think?

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