Daily Card — 7 of Swords, Russian Tarot of St Petersburg

Ok, clearly I have some issues to deal with.

Russian 7 of Swords

Two days in a row I get the 7 of Swords, and not even with the same deck. I did have some nightmares last night, dealing with things that are stressing me out. Some things are beyond my control, which is incredibly frustrating, and likely the source of much of my mental anguish. I’m not trying to deceive anyone about anything so I don’t know what this is getting at. Maybe it’s a question of avoiding something I don’t want to deal with (yes, I still haven’t filed my tax return, but it’s very simple and doesn’t take long. So why don’t I get it over with? I don’t know, I’ve always done this).

Or maybe someone is deceiving me, and I need to be on the lookout. There’s always my crazy co-worker, but while she may exhibit poor judgment in dealing with delicate situations (callous comments, calling me at home when I’m sick) I don’t think she’d ever stab me in the back. Really, it’s just not in her own best interest. She needs me more than I need her.

Biddy Tarot has another interesting angle on this card: “Sometimes, the Seven of Swords indicates a desire to go it alone. You want to discover, investigate and solve every problem using only your own wits and resources. You may believe that you have a better chance at success if you act on your own accord, ignoring the advice or inputs of others.” I have definitely been feeling the desire to be done with office work, and try to find a way to make a living at writing. I don’t hate my job, just some things that are annoying, time-consuming, and pointless. Oh well, I have nice co-workers and a great boss, so I can’t complain too much.


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