Daily Tarot Card–The Blasted Beech

Hidden Realm Blasted Beech

Ok, so something different. Of course it’s a Major, and a major Major. Here we have the Blasted Beech (Tower), from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. The colors are very autumnal. Two fey are falling from the tree which has been struck by lightning. Clearly a very dramatic moment for them. They may have lost their home, or favorite hideaway or hangout.


Major Arcana cards indicate large events that are beyond our control. The Blasted Beech shows a complete unraveling or major shake-up in life. Getting the rug pulled out from under, you, in other words. It’s a huge upheaval, which can be scary, disorienting and frightening, but sometimes they’re necessary. Change is hard, and big changes are often traumatic (loss of home, job, loved one, that sort of thing). Not much fun, but you generally end up in a better place. I know my divorce felt that way. Terrifying at the time, but now I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Well, at least it’s a break from all the swords!


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