Daily Card – Queen of Pentacles

HR Queen of PentaclesWater of Earth. As I was pondering this card and her elemental associations, I suddenly had the idea that she’s the rain that quenches parched soil. I always think of her as the ultimate “earth mother” type, the kind who can preside over a brood of kids with calm, run the house, bake cookies for the bake sale, cooks everything from scratch, and keeps a lovely garden. Nothing flighty about this lady, she’s practical, loving, capable, and always ready to comfort skinned knees and hurt feelings. Everything blooms under her care.

Maybe that’s what I was feeling driving in this morning, seeing all the trees and everything in bloom and greening up with the spring, and wanting desperately to be out there, sitting in a field, watching the sun come up and feeling the moist, cool morning air, smell the soil and listen to the birds. I couldn’t “feel” the morning sitting in my car, and needed to be out there in physical contact with the Earth. I knew nearly everyone else on the road was paying zero attention to the surroundings, Of course I couldn’t stop and run out in someone’s field, but oh how I wanted to. We’ve lost touch with our mother, most of us. The closest most people get to nature now is mowing the lawn on the weekends.

New moon tonight. Maybe I’ll plant something. Blessed esbat!


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