Daily Tarot Card–Knight of Swords

Sigh. Another sword.

HR Knight of Swords

Had the Page of Swords about two weeks ago.

Air of Air. This guy is ready to leap into action, and once he gets an idea in his head he can become obsessed with it. Hm. Must be a relative. Young and idealistic, a dreamer of grand dreams. He reminds me of the college students in the 60s who were so into activism and protesting, in an effort to make the world a better place. Ah, the enthusiasm of youth. He can go overboard, though, and keep fighting when maybe regrouping would be more useful, or suddenly lose interest when something else comes along that inspires him.

I’m like this, latching on to something and not letting go, and then finding something else and almost forgetting the first thing. It doesn’t happen quickly, it’s not a day-to-day problem. I’ll be totally into one thing for years, then something else will come along and I’ll do that almost to the exclusion of everything else. The only real constant has been my writing. And Tarot, I guess. I’ve never had a Tarot slump. But my poor telescope gathers more dust than starlight now, after years of being obsessed with astronomy. I got frustrated with the weather here in Oregon. There are so many cloudy, rainy nights when we can’t see the stars at all. Now it’s knitting and crocheting. I’ve had one project or another going for the last several years. It’s a way to free my mind from worries both personal and professional, my coping mechanism, my happy place.


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