Daily Tarot Card–The Empress

I pulled this at home before I left for work this morning, but didn’t bring the deck with me.

Touchstone Empress

The Empress from the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black (Kunati Edition). The Empress is the loving mother, and all things fertile. Her garden grows beautifully, lush and full. Much like the Queen of Pentacles, she is the “earth mother” archetype. Often depicted as pregnant, this could be literal or the meaning of pregnant with a new project or plan. This is a good card to get when embarking on a new project, it indicates things will go well. The hare of course is a fertility symbol, and this one looks well-fed. Or maybe it’s preggers, too!


Hmm. Could be a sign to go with that romance I was thinking of writing. Seems like a good time to start something new. I’m still working on the sequel to “Revenants Abroad”, but that’s coming along veeeeeeerryyy sloooooooowly. A change of pace for a while might not be a bad idea, clear my head.


What do you think?

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