Daily Tarot Card–Nine of Wands


I could do with some fire energy, although this may be more than I bargained for. Nine of Wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Wow. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, or flames. I don’t actually see any ashes here. That’s like crushing something, or being crushed, and getting back up even stronger than before. Refusing to be deterred, no matter what brought you to this point. Bloody, but unbowed. Becoming wary as a result of past battles (but I think of it like learning from the past, not in the sense of becoming paranoid). Coming back with grace. Doesn’t he look like a dancer?

I am actually feeling less stressed today, was able to take care of a couple things that had been weighing on me, so a good start. I do feel like I’m rising from the ashes. The last couple weeks were kind of anxious. Feeling much better today.

Insert Chumbawumba. I don’t care, I still like this song.



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