Daily Tarot Card–8 of Coins

Alice 8 coins tiltAlice 8 of Coins

So, two shots of the card today. This is the 8 of Coins from the Alice Tarot by Baba Studio. I took two pictures because I love to show the cold metallic stamping on these cards. It’s very subtle and you can only see it when the card is on a certain angle. The new Tarot of Prague will have it as well.

But on to the card. The 8 of Coins or Pentacles is a card of learning or apprenticeship:  your job, craft, skill, what have you. We can see this in these perfect tarts, but they’re not lined up quite perfectly. Also, looking at the overall shape, it kind of looks like a person with head, body, arms, legs, and behind it perhaps wings (those two at the top and aside of the middle). Just a fanciful idea I had.

Eights in Tarot are kind of a mixed bag. There’s stuff happening, but somehow not of our making or slightly out of our control.  Relating it back to the Major Arcana, Strength or Fortitude, we find there is some strength in us that is probably untapped. Time for dedicating oneself to a task, or devoting time to honing a skill. After the “time out” of the Seven and its “wait and see” attitude this card tells me to get down to business and start working. And after being prodded by a friend on Twitter today, I think it’s time to get back to work on the sequel to Revenants Abroad!

What do you think?

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