Daily Tarot Card – Death

Alice Tarot - DeathWell that’s just ducky.

Death doesn’t *typically* predict the death of a person. It usually means a huge upheaval, something very fundamental, in your life. It’s more the death of a way of life, like going from married to divorced, or something equally life-altering. I’m already divorced so no issues there. Of course this is the Alice Tarot, and it could be a situation of someone bullying, making you think they have more power than they do.

This has to be related to my car problems. I dropped a rebuilt transmission in it last July, and it seems to be failing. Well, I didn’t do it, I had it done by a mechanic. Luckily, I got a five-year, 100K mile warranty on it. So tomorrow I drop it off with him to check it out.

Of course, if I get any grief from him that there’s nothing wrong with it, this could indicate the death of the mechanic… so if you see me being led away in handcuffs on the 6 o’clock news, you’ll know what happened. Maybe I’ll just need to stand up to him if he tries to deny there’s anything wrong with it. Like the Queen of Hearts who’s always yelling “off with their heads!” but has no real power to carry it out. Well, wish me luck.


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