Daily Tarot Card – Nine of Swords

Alice Tarot 9 of SwordsAaaaand we’re back to Swords. At least in the Alice Tarot the Nine of Swords is not as bleak as in the RWS. Standard meanings for this card include worries, nightmares, anxiety attacks, feeling overwhelmed and scared.

In the Alice Tarot, that is one pissed off little girl. She’s about had it with all the nonsense that’s been plaguing her since her arrival in Wonderland and is, if not pulling the rug out from under them, definitely putting an end to them controlling the situation. So take heart. Whatever’s been aggravating or upsetting you is probably not as bad as you feared, and you can take control and show them who’s boss.

Kind of like me quitting worrying about my car problems now that it’s fixed and I didn’t need to get a new transmission (again). I’m still out $60 for a rental car for the day, but I was afraid the car was done for and I’d have to go car shopping and look into replacing it. lt’s old, 2002, but I still really like it. I hope your worries will be worked out soon.



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