Daily Tarot Card – The Emperor

EmperorEmperor foilMagnificent card. The Emperor is associated with rule, order, strict discipline, authority. The penultimate father figure, and fathers in general. Also associated with Mars.

The Gryphon is a combination of an eagle and a lion, both majestic, powerful animals. In the Alice books, the Gryphon is a bossy, pretentious type who acts superior to everyone. He’s that co-worker who always has to get his opinion in and convince everyone that he knows everything and knew it first. They put on a good show, and some people are taken in by it, but most people can see through it and see them for what they are. Although it doesn’t necessarily stop them from getting that promotion. They work themselves into positions of power then have to keep up appearances. There used to be a few like that in my department, but we really don’t have any now that I can think of. They’ve either retired, been laid off, or moved on to other jobs.

According to the Tarot School birth card calculator, the Emperor is one of my birth cards (along with Death). I’m also a Leo, which sounds like I must be the bossiest, most obnoxious person in the world. I hope I’m not. When I was little my mother used to tell me not to be so bossy so maybe I was then. Now I’m a very atypical Leo. I never seek the spotlight, and do not like to be the center of attention at all.

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