Daily Tarot Card – The World

The WorldSwitching things up with The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place. I haven’t used this one much but it’s quite fascinating. It’s based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, and the cards all feature either characters and scenes from the novel, or people Stoker knew who likely influenced the story. There’s a well-written book that comes with the deck that’s far more in-depth than the usual Tarot book. The cards are loaded with symbolism, which Place excels at.

So The World. The culmination of all efforts, resulting in complete achievement and fulfillment in our spiritual quest. In this deck we have Mina in the center of the circle, with the letters of her name in the four cardinal points around her. She has come through the darkness in the story, and regained her self and the purity of her spirit after almost becoming a vampire. She’s completed the Fool’s Journey and emerged victorious. Place points out that moving clockwise around the circle from A to A again it spells out “Anima” which he says is a cryptic game deliberately included by Stoker in his allegorical novel. She further represents the fourth virtue of Prudence, or Wisdom, that early Tarot decks omitted while including  Justice, Strength, and Temperance. Place says that Prudence is the synthesis of the other three. The snake represents an initiation which Mina has come through, and the mirror she holds and gazes into reflects the wisdom she has gained. As I said, this thing is loaded with symbolism.

In a reading, this card can mean the culmination of a cycle or project, reaching your goals. Success and celebration are yours.

Wishing everyone a successful week.


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