Daily Tarot Card – Page of Wands

Vampire Knave of StakesIn this deck the pages are “Knaves” and Stakes correspond to Wands. The Knave is represented by Ligeia, the titular character in the story and poem by Edgar Allan Poe. This card strays from the Dracula story, but Poe’s Ligeia returns from death as well.

The Knave, or Page of Wands, is a passionate young person. Pages can also indicate a message. Maybe Ligeia has returned from the grave to pass on a secret. Trying to think if I had any weird dreams last night. I probably did, hopefully I’ll remember later. Perhaps she is here to provide inspiration, drive a creative project. No easy feat coming back from the dead, so she probably won’t be too impressed with lame excuses for not getting things done. Guess I should get some writing done.


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